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Want an instant power, acceleration and gas mileage boost? Then check out our complete catalog of 104+ products here at JC Whitney. Our website is specially designed to give customers a convenient and secure shopping experience and we deliver all orders within 24 hours. Plus, our prices are the lowest you’ll ever find! To drive a powerful car with 104+ Parts, browse our high-quality items below today.

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    104+ MAXIMUM OCTANE BOOST. Maximizes power, gas mileage and acceleration. Cleans fuel injectors and the complete fuel system. Reduces knocks... more


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Your car’s overall performance is determined, in no small way, by what you put in it. This is precisely why if your fuel supply is contaminated, you can expect a lousy time on the road. Fortunately, there are tried-and-tested performance-enhancing products like 104+ that renew your car inside out, enabling it to perform optimally.

104+ has been around for a very long time. In fact, it was introduced in 1975 and was the first octane boost in America. The product has evolved throughout its many years helping drivers get the best out of their vehicles. A car that uses 104+ and has 104+ Parts and 104+ Accessories is just in a different league compared to a car who doesn’t have 104+ in its system. Octane Boost and Maximum Octane Boost instantly enhance a vehicle’s horsepower and acceleration while increasing its gas mileage. These specially formulated products also lubricate and clean your car’s fuel system for that excellent overall performance that’ll make you feel like you’re driving your car for the very first time.

JC Whitney has a comprehensive collection of 104+ products for your vehicle. Take note that while “For Off Road Use Only” appears on the labels of these products, this is only an EPA requirement, and these products are actually safe to use in all types of vehicles and absolutely won’t harm oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. Here at JC Whitney, our everyday prices are over 50% lower than suggested retail prices at other stores, so all the best deals on car-care products are here. Go ahead and check out our extensive catalog today.