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4WD Pros IJKP-2 Seat Recline Kit, 2.5 in. Rear Seat Recline, Sold Individually
Our Price: $54.78 + Free Shipping Manufacturer Number: IJKP-2

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Our Price $54.78
Manufacturer Number: IJKP-2

Product Details

4WD PROS by Innovative JK Products (I JK P) was the first to introduce the Rear Seat Recline Kit for your Jeep JKU as a complete solution for that uncomfortable stock rear seat we have all come to know.  This kitprovides maximum recline with no modificationsto the factory seat brackets/bolts and is compatible with a number of rear cargo area accessories.  It is also the only kit to include factory style SEM bolts (because not all bolts/washers are created equal) making this the best solution available!

The 4WD PROS by Innovative JK Products Rear Seat Recline Kit is 1 of the products that made the JC Whitney 100th Anniversary Jeep Build Top 10 List!

Product Description:

Do your passengers complain about the rear seat comfort and/or sitting too upright in your Jeep JK 4 door?  Of course they do, it’s not comfortable at all!  Also, a stock Jeep has forward rake (front sits lower) which makes the back seat even worse to ride in.  Well here is an innovative solution to a common complaint.  Some have even indicated their family / friends are once again willing to ride in the back, in comfort, after installation of this kit!  And for those of you that have leveled your Jeep the results after installing the kit will even be more noticeable.

This kit will allow you to gain approximately 2.5 inches of rear seat recline (measured at headrest).  It does not sound like a lot, but it makes a world of difference!

Design Features:

Thickness, size, and finish of the spacers have been optimized to provide maximum recline with no modificationsto the factory seat brackets/bolts yet still be compatible with a number of rear cargo area accessories.  The ability of the seat to fold up and down is not impacted and still functions as provided from the factory.  In the folded down position the seat may be slightly higher at the very front after the kit is installed.


  • Fabricated from an industrial polymer, DELRIN®, to provide a safe, durable, and cleanly integrated solution.  A polymer was chosen over metal for:
    • Excellent Durability and Strength in Compression (similar to Aluminum or Steel but with other added benefits).
    • Excellent Chemical and Corrosion Resistance (unlike uncoated Aluminum or Steel).
    • Reduced Stress to factory brackets
    • Black color to match factory black color of the seat components and will never peel, crack, or flake.


  • Installation of this kit requires NO loosening, changes, or modification to any of the seat belt mounting points.
  • Certified Class 10.9 Factory Style SEM Bolts that maintain all the same features as the factory bolts:
    • Locking Conical Washer, like the factory bolt
    • Durable Phosphate Coating, like the factory bolt
    • 18mm Bolt Head, like the factory bolt
  • Factory SEM bolts and supplied NEW SEM bolts maintain full thread engagement at all seven (7) anchor points.


                Recline Angle:  Maximum recline angle with no modifications to the factory seat brackets/bolts.

                Cargo Accessories:  Compatible with a number of rear cargo area accessories.

                Seat Folding Function:  Rear seat still folds up and down just as it did from the factory

                Installation:  The spacers bolt-in in about 1 hour.  The hardest part and most time consuming part is getting the factory bolts loose!  After that installation is very straight forward.

U.S. Patent 9,796,297

 Kit Contents:

  • 7 High Quality Manufactured Spacers
  • 4 High Quality Certified Class 10.9 Factory Style SEM Bolts
  • Easy to follow Color Installation Instructions


2007-2016 Jeep JK Unlimited (4 Door) all Models

Compatible Accessories:  This kit has been confirmed to work with the following:

  • Innovative JK Products Cargo Saver / #IJKP-3 (07-15 Jeep JKU)
  • Mopar Factory Rear Slush Mat
  • Bestop Pet Barrier / #42501-01
  • Tuffy Security Products Deck Enclosure / #173-01 (07-10 Jeep JKU)
  • Tuffy Security Products Deck Enclosure / #275-01 (11-15 Jeep JKU)
  • Synergy Jeep Wrangler Baja Basket / #5612 (07-15 Jeep JKU)
Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does it work?

The kit essentially "rocks" the rear seat assembly backwards approximately 2.5 inches (measured at headrest) by introducing the smaller spacers between three(3) of the six(6) main mounting points.  Once the seat is "rocked" back, the four(4) front legs are lifted off the floor.  The four(4) larger spacers fill in the space between the leg base and floor so the angle between the lower and upper seat sections remains the same as from the factory (and why the spacers are of different sizes).  This also allows the seat to fold up and down as normal from the factory.

2) Why not more recline?

It would be great to get more recline to further improve comfort.  However, it comes down to one word, SAFETY.  As mentioned above, the spacers have been optimized to provide the maximum amount of recline angle without modifications or unnecessary stress to the factory components.  In order to get more recline modifications would be required to the factory brackets, more stress would be induced to the factory brackets, and/or bolt engagement would be reduced at three(3) of the six(6) main anchor points.  Innovative JK Products believes these are unnecessary safety risks.

3) Does the rear seat have to be completely removed to install the kit?

No: The kit is installed with the seat in place.  Once the four(4) bolts on each of the four(4) legs of the lower seat section are removed (allowing the lower seat section to be raised) access is easy to three(3) of the main mounting points of the rear seat where the recline is introduced.  The three smaller spacers are placed between the floor and bracket of the forward mounting point of those three(3) brackets.  This is what provides the recline.  The four(4) larger spacers then go under the four(4) legs of the lower seat section to fill in the gap as a result of the seat being reclined.  The ratio of the amount of recline to how much the legs are lifted is not 1:1 which is why the spacers are of different thicknesses.

4) How difficult in the installation?

The installation is very straight forward and the instructions are very detailed with clear color photos.  The hardest part of the installation is getting the factory bolts loose.  All the bolts use a 18mm socket.  1/2" drive is recommended along with a breaker bar (at a minimum).  If you have access to an impact wrench, even better, it makes getting the bolts loose a simple task.

5) Can the rear seat be adjusted back to factory recline after installation?

No: Recline is fixed once installed (non-adjustable).  The kit would have to be removed to return to the factory recline.

6) What is a SEM bolt?

A SEM bolt is a bolt with a captive washer.  In this Jeep application the factory bolt used for all the seat anchor points is a SEM bolt with a captive locking conical washer.  The supplied new SEM bolts duplicate all the features of the factory bolt for strength and safety.

7) Why an Industrial Polymer and not Aluminum or Steel?

Industrial polymers are becoming more and more popular as alternatives to metals for cost, ease of manufacture, durability, and strength (especially in compression applications such as this one).  Our early designs of the kit included aluminum and steel.  We quickly moved away from steel for cost reasons, the fact coating was absolutely necessary, and weight.  Aluminum is ok, but provides no real benefit when considering all aspects of the application.  Additionally, using engineering stress analysis software we found that polymers provided a slight reduction in stress to the factory brackets (where the recline is introduced) compared to aluminum and steel.  So when we considered aspects such as material performance in compression, stress to factory components, durability, strength, chemical and corrosion resistance, and a factory look industrial polymers came out on top.




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