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Need help in finding the ABS parts that best fit your ride’s specs? Call us toll-free or talk to our customer service representatives though live chat. You won’t have to worry about being in different time zones because our store is open 24/7 for your convenience. Plus, all the ABS parts we offer come with a low price guarantee. Browse our catalog now!

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    Replace your worn-out harness with Dorman ABS Sensor. This premium quality, OE replacement ABS sensor is designed to meet and even exceed... more

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    This Replacement Speed Sensor replaces your damaged and aged piece. It is an OE comparable product for your rebuild, repair, and maintenance... more

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    Beck Arnley Speed Sensor. High-class resources are used for extensive service life. Beck Arnley Speed Sensor is manufactured with the most... more

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    Dorman ABS Ring is designed and built to OE specifications. Offers cost-cutting convenience, this part replaces the ring only. more

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Many drivers don’t want to drive on rainy days because they know that stopping their vehicle on a very slippery road can be difficult. Even with well-functioning brakes, professional drivers still find it hard to stop their ride as quickly as they want to without an anti-lock braking system. Such system prevents wheels from locking during sudden stops or when the road is slippery. It is made up of different ABS parts that work hand in hand to release the wheel’s brake whenever it senses that the wheel is about to lock up.

By preventing the wheels from skidding as you try to slow down, you’ll be able to stop faster and you can even steer while you stop. This is made possible by the four major ABS parts such as the speed sensors, the pump, the valves, and the controller. But no matter how reliable they are, your ride’s ABS parts will sure become defective over time. Among the common problems you’ll encounter with your ABS parts are contaminated wheel speed sensor and corrosion in the modulator valve assembly.

Whenever you need replacement for the defective components of your ABS system, our site is the perfect place to go. You can get here your needed ABS parts without ruining your budget. Superb customer service is also our priority. So purchase from us today!