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Want to give your ride a quick vehicle maintenance that would help improve its performance? Well, you can do just that by using our superb collection of Additives. From increasing the engine’s horsepower to lubricating the transmission system, these Additives can surely give your vehicle’s performance a big boost. You can easily choose the product you need by leafing through our catalog below.

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    104+ MAXIMUM OCTANE BOOST. Maximizes power, gas mileage and acceleration. Cleans fuel injectors and the complete fuel system. Reduces knocks... more


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    Why choose other if Johnsens Universal Fuel Additive offers the best to improve your vehicle's performance and fuel economy. more


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    These Oil Additives are the finest crankcase cleaner which also keep a particular residue solubilizer and premium oil. more


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From the fuel that’s needed to make the engine run to the lubricant that helps in minimizing the wear and tear, the fluids inside your rig can surely make or break its overall performance. So to ensure that such substances won’t be the cause of your car problems, you will need to keep them as clean as possible. But what if you want to get more benefits out of these fluids? Well, the simple answer to that question is to mix them with various Additives.

Basically, Additives are liquid-base substances that you can combine with other fluids inside your rig—like fuel or oil—to boost their good qualities. And in a way, doing this also helps improve the performance of your vehicle. Take the fuel for example. By mixing it with the right Additives, you can ensure that its combustibility is enhanced. This allows your engine to perform a cleaner burn which helps increase your vehicle’s horsepower and get better gas mileage. That said you won’t even need to equip your ride with expensive aftermarket devices just to optimize its performance. Just be sure to get these products and you’re already assured that it can perform more efficiently.

Here at JC Whitney, we are dedicated in helping you maintain the excellent condition of your vehicle. But aside from aftermarket components, we also offer excellent Additives that you can use to boost your rig’s performance. You can easily get such products through our online catalog any time of the day.

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