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Priced from: $293.64 - $412.45 Free Shipping Custom Fit See Product ChoicesTo proceed, please specify your vehicle

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  • Keeps your headlights level when your vehicle is loaded for safe night driving
  • Increases ride comfort whether empty or loaded or towing
  • Makes braking and steering more effective
  • Eliminates bottoming out under load
  • Maximizes safety and stability when loaded
  • Reduces tire wear
  • Prevents leaf springs from sagging if your vehicle is constantly loaded
  • Adjustable from 7 PSI to 100 PSI
  • Compatible with 5th wheel and gooseneck trailer towing
  • Does not void your vehicle’s factory warranty
  • Many applications are no drill kits, bolts directly into your vehicle’s existing holes from the factory
  • Firestone earned TS 16949 ISO Quality Certification + environmental management certified ISO 14001

When you install Firestone Sport-Rite Air Springs it will completely revolutionize the way your vehicle performs whether it is empty or fully loaded or towing. The braking and handling safety of your vehicle will be vastly improved and particularly noticeable under heavy loads and towing conditions. These Firestone “air cushions” easily install between your vehicle’s frame and axle to soak up rough road conditions, providing your vehicle a significantly improved and more comfortable ride even when not towing or carrying a load. Over 75 years ago Firestone designed and then patented the very first air spring. Fast forward to now and Firestone remains the number one selling air spring manufacturer in the world. With a strong history of innovation and quality, you can rest assured when purchasing a product made from this famous company.

NOTE: Air Springs do not increase the load carrying capacity of your vehicle, they only improve driving and handling characteristics with or without a load. Never exceed your vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).

See product for application and installation details.

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