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Air Gauge, Fuel Ratio Gauge

If the dials on your dash don’t measure up to your needs, check out our comprehensive selection of heavy-duty Air & Fuel Ratio Gauges for all makes and models. Our air and fuel ratio gauges have an industry-best guarantee, so you can shop with absolute peace of mind. Go ahead and browse our catalog below to find the gauges that suit your vehicle.

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    ELITE Wideband AIR/FUEL Ratio Pro. Size: 2-1/16". Type: Digital. Range: AFR or LAMBDA.  . Includes 8ft. tubing or wiring harness.... more

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If you’re a racecar driver, you know very well that Air & Fuel Ratio Gauges are essential for your optimum performance on the racetrack. But even if you’re just an ordinary driver who wants the best out of your vehicle, the correct air fuel ratio gauges can help you monitor your machine more accurately, so you won’t develop any engine problems while on the road.

Our air and fuel ratio gauges are infused with advanced technology for the sharpest response and most accurate readings. They’re beautifully designed to complement the interior spaces of most vehicles and enhance their look. Whatever is your eyesight’s condition, you won’t have any problems with these gauges because they’re specially designed to be very easy to read. Many of them also have bright fluorescent pointers, so you can read them at a glance and even in dim lighting conditions.

All our air fuel ratio gauges are lightweight and easy to install, making them perfect for DIYers like you. Some also come with bright LEDs with adjustable illumination to correspond to the time of the day. Install these gauges and you’ll never be caught off-guard by sudden engine problems that arise out of improper air and fuel mixtures again. Racecar driver or not, these gauges will measure up to your expectations and even surpass them.

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