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Fuel Injection - Fuel System, Air Intake, Injection System

Take a look at our selection of Air Intake and Fuel Systems products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Air Intake and Fuel Systems. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.

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Air Intake and Fuel Systems from JC Whitney help you get massive gains in horsepower, torque and fuel economy. Carburetors from Dee Engineering, Dorman, EMPI, Omix Ada, Patriot, Scat, Trans Dapt, Crown Automotive and Proform help you get better mileage. We also stock Holley Carburetors, Jackson Racing Superchargers, NOS Nitrous Oxide System, Painless Wiring Harness, Offenhauser Intake Manifolds, RCI Fuel Cells, Injen Cold Air Intake System, BBK Throttle Body, Injen® Air Intakes and Purolator Fuel Pumps.

Our extensive assortment of Air Intake and Fuel Systems also includes Air Intakes & Accessories, Carburetors & Accessories, Fuel Hoses & Accessories, Fuel Injection & Throttle Body, Fuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators, Fuel Savings, Gas Tank Parts & Accessories, Intake Manifolds, Nitrous, CO2 & Fuel Cells, Turbos, Super Chargers & Intercoolers, Fuel Pressure Regulators, Throttle Body Spacers, Air Flow Sensors and Performance Carburetors. You can opt for Air Intake and Fuel Systems from renowned brands like Jet Performance Products, Venom, Python, Predator and APC.


Air Intake and Fuel Systems Research Guide

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  Hear Your Engine Roar with Pride!
Types of Air Intake and Fuel Systems
Hear Your Engine Roar with Pride!

Air Intake and Fuel Systems from JC Whitney improve your vehicle performance and enhance fuel economy. Our extensive collection of Air Intake and Fuel Systems available from top brands is your pit stop to hard-to-find performance parts and accessories. It includes everything you need to upgrade your vehicle engine and drive consistently for thousands of miles!

Our fabulous Fuel Systems help you get massive gains in horsepower and torque. High-flow, high performance fuel injectors and fuel pumps improve ignition control, increase horsepower and improve low-end torque and performance to unbelievable levels. Great-looking Carburetors & Accessories offer outstanding throttle response, drivability and are extremely easy to install.

You can bolt on power and improve throttle response in minutes with Throttle Body Kits from JC Whitney. Corrosion resistant Fuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators help create a dependable fuel supply even in the hottest weather or at high altitudes. Advanced K&N air intakes allow your engine to breathe in larger amounts of cold air and pump-up power at the wheels.

You can also replace your old gas tank with top-quality gas tanks and get more years and miles out of your Car, Jeep®, SUV or Truck! Our safe, reliable and remarkably effective nitrous systems add amazing punch to your vehicle's power without engine modifications! You can maximize horsepower and torque without sacrificing reliability, drivability or emissions with super power turbochargers and super chargers!

Types of Air Intake and Fuel Systems

Air Intakes & Accessories

Air Intakes & AccessoriesAir Intakes & Accessories from our collection help you get better engine efficiency, increased horsepower and improved throttle response. You can choose from a variety of Air Flow Sensors and Parts, Air Intake Cleaning Kits and Parts and Air Intake Kits and Systems that make your vehicle engine perform like new.

Air Flow Sensors and Parts deliver improved horsepower and torque. They give you greater mileage and help you fight those rising gas prices. You can opt for Air Intake Cleaning Kits and Parts that maintain your air filter, providing optimal air flow and maximum performance for your vehicle's engine.

Air Intake Kits and Systems dramatically reduce intake restriction as they smoothen and straighten air flow allowing your engine to inhale massive volumes of air. They increase horsepower, torque and acceleration and also help revitalize your engine filter.

Carburetors & Accessories

Carburetors & AccessoriesEasy-to-install Carburetors & Accessories maximize torque and engine power in your vehicle. They come with features like precise fuel metering for monster low-end torque, awesome acceleration and unmatched to-end horsepower. Carburetor Kits & Accessories, Performance Carburetors and Replacement Carburetors are types of Carburetors & Accessories available at our collection.

Our great-looking Performance Carburetors give you maximum performance with excellent throttle response and drivability. They have a unique design that allows you to just bolt it on and go! These carburetors also increase fuel flow, improve acceleration and prevent flat spots common to stock carburetors.

Replacement carburetors help upgrade your engine performance and improve the mileage of your vehicle. They are disassembled, cleaned and remanufactured using factory-authorized methods. You can also go for Carburetor rebuild kits that give you everything you need to rebuild a leaky carburetor and restore proper operation!

Fuel Hoses & Accessories

Fuel Hoses & AccessoriesOur affordable Fuel Hoses & Accessories at JC Whitney offer maximum operating pressure equal to premium-quality hoses. You can get Stainless Braided Auto-Flex HTE Hoses that come with top-quality construction and provide a clean, fast, constant flow at operating temperatures.

Fuel Logs with Braided Steel Hoses and AN Fittings give your vehicle with an ultimate leak-proof fuel system. We also stock Replacement Fuel Line (Carbureted) Hoses, Fuel Line Insulation Kits, Replacement Fuel Line (Fuel Injector) Hoses, Swivel-Seal Fittings and Crankcase Ventilation Hoses at our vast collection.

Fuel Injection & Throttle Body

Fuel Injection & Throttle BodyJC Whitney also houses Fuel Injection & Throttle Body products that increase power and improve the throttle response of your vehicle's air intake system. You can find Fuel Injectors, Throttle Body & Kits and Throttle Body Spacers that are strong, durable and made from high-quality materials.

Throttle Body Kits boost gas mileage and horsepower. They are re-manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications and are even disassembled, cleaned, and re-engineered using factory-authorized methods.

Fuel Injectors help improve fuel economy and performance of your vehicle, while eliminating hard starts and stalls caused by a worn or clogged injector. Throttle Body Spacers increase combustion to improve the overall performance and fuel economy of your vehicle. They can be installed easily without any drilling or cutting hassles!

Fuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators

Fuel Pumps, Rails & RegulatorsFuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators are designed to perform in hot weather conditions as well as at high altitudes. They are made from corrosion resistant materials to give your vehicle long-lasting performance and protection. Our assortment of Fuel Pumps, Rails & Regulators includes Fuel Pressure Regulators, Fuel Pumps and Fuel Rails that also help replace malfunctioning originals perfectly.

Fuel Pressure Regulators stabilize the fuel pressure to maintain air/fuel ratio for optimum fuel economy and improved horsepower. They also ensure easier cold-weather starts for your vehicle. Fuel Pumps are built to deliver fuel at higher pressure and prevent starvation at higher RPMs. You can also improve your vehicle's fuel system with Fuel Rails that provide better flow and more fuel to injectors than stock rails.

Gas Tank Parts & Accessories

Gas Tank Parts & AccessoriesGas Tank Parts & Accessories from our collection enhance your vehicle's fuel capacity and give you years of service. Made from rust resistant materials, they safe guard the interior of your gas tank against scaling that normally clogs the fuel system. Gas Tank Parts & Accessories include Auxiliary Gas Tanks, Gas Tank Accessories and Replacement Gas Tanks.

Auxiliary Gas Tanks have the ability to double your driving range and are essential for towing and long distance traveling! Gas Tank Accessories and Replacement Gas Tanks help replace old, worn or rusted originals perfectly.

Intake Manifolds

Intake ManifoldsIntake Manifolds come with improved designs that look better, last longer and resist heat better. You can buy Manifold Seal Kits for your Volkswagen dual-port intake manifolds that have a split design and are made from special synthetic material that won't crack.

Street Performance Aluminum Intake Manifolds, High-Performance 4-BBL. Intake Manifolds, Action plus Manifolds, Venom Billet Aluminum Intake Manifolds, Urethane Manifold Boots, Dual-Port Manifold End Kits, Dual-Port Manifold End Kits and High-Performance 4-BBL. Intake Manifold Install Kits are some types of Intake Manifolds available at JC Whitney.

Nitrous, CO2 & Fuel Cells

Nitrous, CO2 & Fuel CellsNitrous, CO2 & Fuel Cells from JC Whitney add incredible horsepower to your vehicle without any engine modifications! They reduce the temperature of the air/fuel intake charge to create more power. You can get easy-to-install CO2 Kits & Accessories, Fuel Cells and Nitrous Kits & Accessories at our collection.

CO2 Kits & Accessories are more affordable than Nitrous Kits & Accessories. Fuel Cells and provide your vehicle with great performance and monster gains in horsepower. They can add extra fuel capacity to your vehicle allowing you to go farther without stopping.

Turbos, Super Chargers & Intercoolers

Turbos, Super Chargers & IntercoolersJC Whitney also stocks Turbos, Super Chargers & Intercoolers that are the most economical way to add horsepower to your engine without internal modifications. They are designed to add extra power to lower RPMs at an affordable price. Our line of Turbos, Super Chargers & Intercoolers includes Intercoolers, Super Chargers and Turbo Chargers.

Supercharger systems maximize horsepower and torque without sacrificing reliability, drivability or emissions. They are highly efficient and do not contribute to under-hood heat or increase intake charge. Intercoolers and Turbo Chargers provide your vehicle with the most power for the least labor and cost. Turbo Chargers also allow you to achieve up to 50% increase in horsepower without damaging the engine.


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