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$128.81 - $171.47
Product #: 17054G Brand: AirHawk
Customer Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars
  • Ride longer...;without discomfort!
  • Air cells absorb most of the engine and road vibrations that pass through conventional seats
  • Durable zip-on cover
Free air circulation between you and seat ensures a cooler ride in hot weather. Multiple air cells virtually eliminate pressure points and maintain blood flow to legs and buttocks, helping to prevent pain, fatigue and numbness on long trips. Cushion fits on your motorcycle seat (inflated, it raises you less than 1/2 from seat). The pad and air cells are made of durable neoprene rubber. The zip-on black cover has a breathable nylon/lycra top and a nonskid polyester/vinyl base to help keep the cushion on your seat without straps or snaps. Cover is removable and washable. Flame and water resistant. Weighs approx. 1 lb. Order by cushion size. Driver's seat available in 14in. W x 11in. L or 14in. W x 18in. L. Passenger's seat is 9in. W x 11in. L or 11in. W x 14in. L.
Patented DRY FLOATATION® technology, developed by the leading manufacturer of cushions for medical use and proven successful in healing and preventing pressure-related problems in long-term patients, distributes your weight evenly over your seat!
Multiple air cells: the secret to a great ride! Unlike conventional air cushions that utilize one big air chamber, this unique pad consists of dozens of separate 1-1/4in. pyramid-shaped air cells, which bend and flex to conform better to the contours of any cycle seat...;and to your contour as well. You sit in the AIRHAWK™ motorcycle cushion, not on it! Tiny tubes connect all of the air cells-;pressure in any area is distributed throughout the entire pad for the most comfortable ride! Inflate the entire pad in just seconds! Custom tailor air pressure to your comfort with adjustable valve. Individual air cells maximize your comfort.

Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5
4.8 out of 5
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Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Will not ride without one!
February 26, 2012
Location: Vermont
"I am the envy of the pack and wont share with anyone. Am ordering the drivers seat for my husband as he always threatens to take mine. This seat is a must have for even short rides. A gel cushion eventually flattens but this one stays comfortable for the WHOLE ride!"
Pros: This seat is amazing. It doesn't flatten out..ever! I have had mine for 5 years now. Very durable.
Cons: No bad things to say.
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Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Gotta have one!
May 13, 2010
Location: Wisconsin
How often do you shop at JC Once a Year
"My wife, being in a wheelchair, has been using a Roho (maker of the Air Hawk) cushion, ever since I have known her. I drive truck for a living, and sit for up to 11 hours a day. When I started having circulation problems in my legs, I tried just about every type of cushion, including gel and memory foam. The Air Hawk solved my problems. Now that I have a motorcycle, I will be getting an Air Hawk cushion for it (especially since I haven't been able to find a custom seat for my Yamaha Virago 250). As a matter of fact, I'm sitting on an Air Hawk right now. The price may seem high, but once you try one, you will wonder why you didn't get one sooner. I wasted a lot of money trying the cheaper alternatives, and ended up buying what I knew would work, all along. From now on, I wont be without one.
Hints on using the Air Hawk: Don't inflate it too much. You want to sink into the cushion so it spreads your weight over a larger seat area. Like I said earlier, be careful if you change altitude, as the air inside will expand.
Pros: You ride on air. What more needs to be said.
Cons: You need to be careful when you change altetude, as the air will expand.
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Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Absolute Must have!!!
April 18, 2010
Location: Oklahoma City
How often do you shop at JC Once a Year
"I had a 750 Shadow. My wife loved riding, but not for hours on just a 5" wide strip of foam padding. We got an air chusion for her and it TRANSFORMED our riding... we spent most of last summer crusing on the bike. We moved up to a 1500 Goldwing and I got one for me. WOW! What a difference - It's easy to install. It's fully adjustable to your taste. It truely doubles your riding endurance!!! I Highly recomend it!!! Also I'm very impressed with its durability! I was put off by the cost at first, but it's well worth triple what I paid for!!!"
Pros: Fully adjustable to your preference
Cons: Positively NONE!!!
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Overall Rating
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
AirHawk seat
July 9, 2006
Location: Torrance,CA
How often do you shop at JC Once a Year
"I've found the Airhawk seat to be a butt saver. When adjusted correctly it works great on long trips. It does raise the ride height about 1 1/2 inches."
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