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Akebono parts and accessories

Only big players—those that have existed since, say, 1915 (that’s us!)—can promise you 100% that the Akebono Parts and Akebono Accessories you’re getting from them are never short of quality. And, as we offer the best guarantee in the industry, that’s just what we do. Want the best Akebono products? Go browse our comprehensive and user-friendly online catalog now!

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    Ensures delivery of an ultra-quiet performance, controlled noise, vibration and harshness, excellent stopping power, clean, dust-free wheels... more

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Give your car’s braking system a break. And while at it, make sure you reward it with quality products from Akebono. The brand has been widely known in the industry for providing brake components that have been developed under stringent quality-control standards. In fact, it has incorporated this certain proficiency called the noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) technology which it employs to create components that can meet—or even surpass—the demands of OEMs and drivers alike. The company also gives premium to its friction formulations, which have worked well in the production of its trademark brake disc pads and brake linings.

Akebono Parts and Akebono Accessories have been engineered to perfection, so when you need brake products to revive the effectiveness of your braking system, they remain your best options. Their quality is supreme that they raise the levels of your car’s safety to the maximum. With them installed, you can rest assured your vehicle will stop when and where you want it to. Akebono products also promise a perfect fit and are easy to install, which make them even more the chief choice for drivers on the lookout to enhance their car’s braking system.

Whatever your car make or model is, JC Whitney is sure it can provide it with its needed Akebono components. We have these items stocked in our online selection. You can get them at prices that are within the bounds of your budget. Explore our catalog now to view your options!