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    For absolute accuracy, use Altraco's Micrometer! It has a friction-stop feature to avoid repetitive readings and a forged steel design... more


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    OUTSIDE MICROMETER. Reading 0001 in. Carbide tipped faces. Ratchet stop, lock lever. Includes zero adjusting key and instructions. Satin... more


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Accuracy. That is what Altraco is all about. Not just because the company is keen in manufacturing products with razor-sharp precision, but also because the components it is best known for are those that chart, check, monitor, and examine the performance of certain auto parts. For example, among the more famous Altraco Parts and Altraco Accessories is the dial caliper. This device is used to measure the distance between two points and, like the many other components that come from the brand, is helpful in ensuring ultimate performance from one’s car as it rules out inconsistencies that may lead car parts to function erratically.

Altraco may be producing parts that are secondary in the priority list of drivers, but that doesn’t mean they are to be taken for granted. Accurate measurements, you see, can play a large part in maximizing the performance of your ride: that even small increments can mess up the function of parts when not adjusted properly. And so, if you want to cover this aspect of your car components running on impeccable exactitude, take a look at what Altraco has to offer.

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