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Take a look at our selection of Amplifiers & Equalizers products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Amplifiers & Equalizers. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    SPEAKER AMPLIFIER. This is a high quality speaker amplifier. With over 100 years of practice in the automotive industry, AC Delco has ruled... more

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    For a remarkable listening experience in your car, be sure to install a Planet Audio Equalizer. more

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    Clarion is a leading manufacturer of high-performance in-car and marine-based info-entertainment systems. Pursuing corporate objective,... more

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    Don't waste your money buying low quality sound systems that will surely perform poor sounds. JVC DRVN Speaker Amplifier provides high-... more

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Amplifiers & Equalizers from JC Whitney’s collection of Audio, Video & Electronics equipment boost the power of your sound system without sacrificing music quality and adjust to different frequencies to create the sound you want. Amplifiers like High-Performance Amplifiers have a massive aluminum heat sink for best cooling when musical demands are greatest. These Amplifiers offer thermal, overload and short circuit protection to survive the rigors of the road. We also stock Amplifier Installation Kits that have everything you need to safely and properly install your Amplifier.

Equalizers from our selection of Amplifiers & Equalizers can be used to fine tune your sound system and are the perfect alternative to control the quality of music and tone. Equalizers from JC Whitney include Graphic Equalizer Booster, Graphic Equalizer Amplifier, Equalizer with Subwoofer Boost Control and more. You can opt for Amplifiers & Equalizers from leading brands like Sony, Pyramid, JVC, Legacy and Dual.

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Amplifiers & Equalizers

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  Boost the Power of Your Sound System
Types of Amplifiers & Equalizers
Boost the Power of Your Sound System

Amplifiers & Equalizers from JC Whitney enhance the power of your sound system without sacrificing music quality. These Amplifiers and Equalizers are designed to adjust to different frequencies helping create the sound you want.

Amplifiers from our collection provide high-performance power for your music system making it perform its best always. They deliver amazing audio power and offer thermal overload and short circuit protection to survive the rigors of the road.

Equalizers from our collection are perfect alternatives to control the quality of music and tone. These Equalizers help fine tune your sound system.

Types of Amplifiers & Equalizers


AmplifiersAmplifiers from JC Whitney provide you with virtually distortion free sound making it pleasant to listen to music on your drives. You can select Amplifier Installation Kits that are ideal when you need to safely and properly install your amp. These Kits include a 20 feet of 12-gauge speaker wire, a 20 feet of right-angle RCA audio cable, a 6 feet of black split-loom cable conduit, a gold-plated AGU Type 60A fuse, a water-resistant in-line fuse holder, 2 ring terminals, 2 spade terminals, five 14-16 gauge spade terminals, 3 butt connectors, 20 cable tires and a black grommet.

Ultra-Thin High-Power Arctic White Amplifiers fit easily under your vehicle seat. These Amplifiers look clean, sleek and great. They feature variable gain control, a built-in variable subwoofer crossover, an LED diagnostic condition indicator, RCA low level inputs, high level low impedance, a MOLEX input connector, power-on LED, a speaker output terminal strip, an automotive type fuse protection and total watt output of 4 Ohms.


EqualizersEqualizers from JC Whitney adjust to different frequencies and help create the sound you want from your sound system. These Equalizers are designed to provide you with the best sound effects. You can go for 12-Band Graphic Equalizer Boosters that enhance the quality of sound output of your sound system. These Boosters feature a subwoofer control, LED level meter and a fader control.