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    RASCAL GRAFIK DIRECT FIT KNEE GRIPS. Gives the rider the necessary grasp with the highest quality. more

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    Heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant nylon. Water-resistant lining. Side snaps and leg zippers for easy-on, easy-off. more

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    Foamerz Sunglasses, Smoked Anti-Fog LensesCushion with comfort with these wrap around sunglasses that stay put and fit easily under a helmet... more

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    BOBSTER, ROAD RUNNER GOGGLEThe Road Runner is great for those people looking for a goggle to fit smaller faces or even children. more

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    GLOVES. If pampering your vehicle is what you want to do, get the Gloves the right tool for the right job made by Carrand. Made from high... more


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    T-SHIRTS. For all you fans of the brand or the car! Colorful EMPI designs on the back and logo on the front. Preshrunk, heavyweight cotton... more

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Add that extra "oomph" to your riding experience with apparel, goggles & glasses. For most drivers, especially car owners, much of the attention are given to their car’s exterior. Some even spend thousands just to make their ride stand out. For motorcycle riders, it is an entirely different case. Not only do they use these gears for aesthetic purposes, but for their safety as well.

For racers, motorcycle apparels are very important. It is part of the personal protective equipment required of every racer. Aside from helmets, using racing apparels like jacket, pants, boots, and gloves are important. But if there’s one thing that you need even if you are not one, are racing goggles. This protects your eyes from any foreign particles that might get into it. It also prevents your eye from getting injured during accidents. This will also come in handy if you’re using only a three-quarter open face helmet. Since this type of helmet has limited coverage, you can use the goggles to compensate for it. Keep in mind that regular sunglasses cannot do the job. What you need is specifically designed goggles to do the job.

Another thing which you might find handy is gloves. If you have sensitive hands or just do not like the icky feeling left by bare hands on the handle bars, this one’s for you. Besides, it will also help you prevent accidents brought about by slippery handles. Add to that, that it makes your outfit look extra-"cool" as well.

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