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Take a look at our selection of Appliances products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Appliances. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    PORTABLE 12-VOLT FOOD COOLERS/WARMERS. These are great for keeping food and beverages warm or cool without the ice mess and weight. All... more

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Appliances from JC Whitney’s assortment includes 12-Volt Appliances like Coffee Makers, Hair Dryers/Defrosters with Folding Handles, Stainless Steel Travel Mugs, Portable Vacuum Cleaners, Portable Stoves, Pizza Ovens and more. These12-Volt Appliances from popular brands like Jeep® Electronics and Vector® can be easily plugged in to your vehicle’s 12-volt cigarette lighter socket or 12-volt power source. Our collection of Interior Accessories also includes Cleaning accessories, Coolers and Ice Packs and Refrigerators and Freezers. You can opt for these Appliances from top brands like Koolatron®, Norcold®, Prime Products, Roadpro® and Camco.



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  Appliances to Provide You the Convenience of Your Home in Your Vehicle
Types of Appliances
Appliances to Provide You the Convenience of Your Home in Your Vehicle

Appliances from JC Whitney are available in different types such as 12-volt Appliances, Cleaning Appliances, Coolers and Ice Packs and Refrigerators and Freezers. Designed to work from stored batteries and for higher amperage, these 12-volt Appliances come with special 12-volt receptacles. They can easily be plugged into a 12-volt cigarette lighter receptacle.

You can choose Cleaning Appliances that are designed for RVs. These Cleaning Appliances are safe, easy to use and convenient to store. Coolers and Ice Packs are great for keeping food and beverages warm or cool. You can carry them on your picnics, camp outs, while tailgating or even to the beach!

Refrigerators and Freezers from JC Whitney take up valuable interior space and ensure your food remains fresh. They come with automatic locking devices that help keep the doors shut even while traveling even under difficult driving conditions.

Types of Appliances

12-Volt Appliances

12-Volt AppliancesFrom 12-Volt Hair Dryers/Defrosters and Stainless Steel Travel Mugs to Vacuum Cleaners and Portable Stoves, JC Whitney stocks a variety of 12-volt Appliances that can be easily plugged into a 12-volt socket. All 12-volt Appliances will plug into a 12-volt cigarette lighter receptacle and can be powered using stored batteries. 12-volt Electric Blankets are designed to keep you warm and cozy when temperatures drop. These Electric Blankets come with a timer that automatically shuts off the heat after 30 or 45 minutes to prevent battery drain.

12-volt Coffee Makers use standard filters and help you brew many cups of delicious coffee in minutes. They feature a see-through reservoir that makes it easy to brew just the right amount of coffee and a drip-stop that lets you remove the decanter during the brewing process. These 12-volt Coffee Makers can be easily plugged into cigarette lighter sockets These Coffee Makers include a heavy-duty coffee maker, a glass carafe, three filters and a 4-ft. power cord.


CleaningCleaning Appliances such as Dirt Devil Built-In Vacuum Systems are powerful and space saving and are designed specially for your RVs. The vacuumed dirt and debris are captured in a remote canister, eliminating the recirculation of dust and vacuum odors, leaving the living space cleaner and fresher. They are quiet and operate efficiently on 120 volts and deliver a huge 936 watts of power. These Vacuum Systems are easy to clean and come with a disposable one gallon bag. They include an instruction manual for a quick and easy installation.

Coolers and Ice Packs

Coolers and Ice PacksYou can now keep your food and beverages cold or warm with the help of Portable 12-volt Food Coolers/Warmers available at JC Whitney. They come with urethane foam insulation that keeps the food hot or cold. These Coolers/Warmers feature sliding latches that secure the lid for a no-spill travel. They can be easily plugged into a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket in your Car, Boat, Truck or RV and also into a 110-volt household outlet with AC power converter.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerators and FreezersRefrigerators and Freezers from JC Whitney keep your food fresh and protect it from spoiling. You can also get Single Refrigerator Bars that keep your Refrigerator shelves neat while traveling eliminating mess and frequent cleaning. These Refrigerators and Freezers are stylish, durable, functional and economical and deliver the ultimate performance in cooling power.

Portable AC/DC Refrigerators/Freezers make ideal second Refrigerators or Freezers for your RV, Truck, Car or home. They are dependable, quiet and come with an improved cooling performance and automatic temperature control. These energy efficient Refrigerators/Freezers feature an advanced regulator that ensures less amp draw, less battery drain and more available power for 12-volt. They operate efficiently on 120-volt AC, 12-volt DC or 24-volt DC.

Digital Refrigerator Monitors and Clocks let you check the interior Refrigerator temperature without opening the door and letting all the cold air out. You can also know the room temperature and time with the help of these Monitors and Clocks with the flick of a switch. They can be mounted onto the wall with hook/loop strips.

You can select from a wide range of Refrigerators and Freezers like Single-Door Flush-Mount Refrigerators, Fridge Airators, Black Door Panels for Double Door Refrigerators, Single-Door 2.4 Cu. Ft. Capacity Flush-Mount Refrigerators, Fridge Alarms, Flush-Mount Refrigerators, 1.7 Cubic Foot Refrigerators and Single Refrigerator Bars from our collection.