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Planning to replace your old, battered dash gauges? Then take a look at our extensive collection of AutoMeter Products now here at JC Whitney. None of our competitors can measure up to us ‘cause we offer our heavy-duty AutoMeter Parts for just half of their suggested retail prices! Our Next-Day Delivery Service also means that our customers receive their orders within 24 hours. Browse our catalog of AutoMeter Accessories today.

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    PHANTOM DIFF TEMPERATURE GAUGE. These Phantom analog gauges are designed for custom applications such as street rods, Pro Street,... more

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    Sport-Comp Fuel Level Gauge. Incandescent back lighting. Red and Green Light Bulb Covers. High Contrast Orange Pointer. Suitable for use... more

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    Ultra-Lite Boost Gauge. Incandescent back lighting. Red and Green Light Bulb Covers. High Contrast Orange Pointer. Suitable for use in... more

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    ULTRA-LITE CLOCK. For 4-, 6- or 8-cylinder engines with 12-volt systems. Easy-to-read 2" diameter with satin anodized aluminum face and... more

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Do your car’s gauges measure up to your expectations? If they don’t, either because they’re not working properly or they’re just too beat-up and ugly, you probably need to replace them right away. Good thing we have a comprehensive selection of AutoMeter Products here at JC Whitney.

AutoMeter Parts and products have long been preferred by many auto owners because of their proven reliability and overall quality. The company is a respected manufacturer of top-quality performance instrumentation, gauges, tachometers, gauge pods and other types of test equipment. If you’re customizing your car’s gauges, you’d find our collection of AutoMeter Accessories and products here at JC Whitney extremely useful. We have cutting-edge fuel economy/consumption gauges that allows you to accurately track your fuel economy, resulting in more efficient driving and less expenses at the pumps. We also have mechanical and electronic oil pressure gauges that are beautifully designed and are easy to install. Simply browse our catalog for more gauges that’ll add more function and style to your dash.

There’s just no better place to shop for Autometer Products than here at JC Whitney ‘cause we’ve built our credibility over 90 years of passionate service to car owners and garages. Today, our prices are the lowest out there—just half of suggested retail prices at other stores! Our customers also never get frustrated waiting for their orders to arrive ‘cause of our famous Next-Day Delivery Service. Start enhancing your car’s precision and performance now by checking out our extensive list of AutoMeter Products.

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