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If you’re bored with the way your normal auxiliary lamps work and would want added flash for your lighting assembly, then you definitely need an Auxiliary Light Flasher. It’s not necessary to purchase new lights, though, since there’s a kit available which you can use to convert your grille, bumper, or roof-mount auxiliary warning lights into alternating flashers.

Besides achieving a more exciting appeal for your lighting assembly, lively blinking lights and all, you also put in new components in your setup, which can enhance your visibility on the road, when you get flashers. You see, when you have your converted Auxiliary Light Flasher turned on, noticing your ride will be much easier. So if you pull over even on a dark corner, drivers of cars passing by will see you and won’t accidentally crash in to you. In fact, the play of lights is so attractive they may even ponder on getting a nifty flasher for their cars just the same. Safety and style: not a bad combo.

Want to have this addition to complement the other automotive lamps you have? Get the Auxiliary Light Flasher conversion kit from JC Whitney to help you tinker with your lights. This kit already includes a flasher, bracket, wiring, switch, hardware, and instructions. Search for it in our online catalog and forward us your orders using our failsafe ordering system. This product is covered by our lowest-price guarantee. Also, it is backed by an inclusive warranty. Order it now!