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Those annoying clicking sounds are your old axles imploring you to change them immediately. Shrug these noises off and you’ll have serious wheel problems very soon. Here on our site, you can shop for new heavy-duty Axles all available with a top-notch guarantee! Browse our products below and start your search for the perfect axle for your vehicle.

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Your old car axle is a road accident waiting to happen. Like all parts of your car, axles deteriorate over time because of wear and tear. When they’ve received enough damage, they could crack and start operating poorly while producing clicking noises. To start replacing your old axle, check out our comprehensive selection of the finest aftermarket Axles here on our site.

Both rear axles and front axles give way in time, preventing the wheels to operate normally. You can check for axle damage yourself by simply listening intently for irregular sounds coming from your axles. Start the car, put it into drive mode, then listen for clicking noises. If you can hear them, examine your axles closely for grease or cracks. All these signs point to a bad axle that needs replacing immediately to avoid road accidents.

You don’t have to worry about the fit of our Axles because they are rigorously engineered according to OEM specs. They are extremely durable and eliminate breakage problems that are common to some two-piece axles. Many of them are constructed from high-strength alloy and are equipped with reinforced flanges. We also have axle kits that contain all the obscure parts you need for replacement, including studs, seals and Timken bearings. So if you want your axle to be A-OK, our site has a grade-A replacement collection for you, so shop now.