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Battery Charger - Car Battery Charger & Battery Tender

Take a look at our selection of Batteries, Chargers & Cables products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Batteries, Chargers & Cables. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.

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Batteries, Chargers & Cables from JC Whitney are powerful and will serve you for years! We have a variety of Batteries, Chargers & Cables that will help you jump start your vehicle and ensure excellent performance. JC Whitney’s assortment of Batteries, Chargers & Cables includes Batteries, Battery Chargers and Solar Battery Chargers & Accessories.

Batteries from our selection of Batteries, Chargers & Cables are designed to resist damaging vibration for extended battery life. These Batteries are spill proof, allowing you to off-road at extreme angles. Batteries from JC Whitney deliver ultra high voltage that increases the power of your starter and are the perfect choice for racers on the look out for more power to run and raise their mobile audio system to maximum sound levels.

Battery Chargers from our collection of Batteries, Chargers & Cables help keep the battery fully charged without damage or overcharging. We stock Battery Chargers that are great for Batteries used in jet skis, boats, cycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, lawn mowers, cars and trucks that are stored for long periods. Don’t get caught with a dead battery again! Our collection of Solar Battery Chargers & Accessories from our list of Batteries, Chargers & Cables make sure that your Batteries are protected against natural discharge and electronic drain. These Solar Battery Chargers can be connected in seconds for immediate trickle-charge when exposed to daylight.

Our range of Batteries, Chargers & Cables also includes Battery Accessories, Battery Cables & Terminals, Battery Switches & Isolators, Battery Tray & Tie Downs, Emergency Jump Starters and Jumper Cables. We stock Batteries, Chargers & Cables from popular brands such as Taylor, Vector, OTC, Battery Tender and Deka.

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Batteries, Chargers & Cables

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  Great-looking Batteries, Chargers & Cables!
Types of Batteries, Chargers & Cables
Great-looking Batteries, Chargers & Cables!

Batteries, Chargers & Cables from JC Whitney are a quick and affordable way to dress up your vehicle's engine area. They come with safe and fast installation and removal and can also be connected and disconnected quickly and easily! You can choose from a variety of reliable Batteries, Chargers & Cables available from top brands at our selection.

Totally sealed Batteries at JC Whitney help prevent spills and are perfect for off-roading at extreme angles! Battery Accessories like Blanket-Style Battery Warmers boost battery power to the maximum. You can also pick from other Battery Accessories like Battery Service Tool Kits, Battery Cable Cutters, Battery Voltage Step-Down Boxes, Terminal Markers and more.

Battery Cables & Terminals are designed for breaking up and resisting corrosion and vibration as well. They also prevent corrosion lock and the quick release handles make for easier installation and removal of batteries. Battery Terminals reduce noise in stereo, communication and other electronic equipment.

Battery Chargers are ideal for all vehicles stored for long periods and come with a high-frequency power conversion technology. The self-storing cables and clamps come in a lightweight design for easy portability. You can also go for Battery Disconnect Switches that discourage theft and unauthorized use of vehicle.

Emergency Jump Starters enable you to be back on the road in 10 minutes or less, from the convenience and safety of your vehicle! Jumper Cables have a patented advanced circuitry that automatically senses and adjusts battery polarity.

Types of Batteries, Chargers & Cables


BatteriesBatteries from our vast assortment include Ultra-Heavy-Duty Batteries and 16V AGM Performance Batteries are powerful, long lasting and spillproof. Ultra-Heavy-Duty Batteries feature multiposition installation and come with Spiralcell Technology that extends battery life by resisting damaging vibration!

16V AGM Performance Batteries are a must for high-performance engines and are great for racers and performance street riders for added power to run their mobile audio system to maximum sound levels. The ultra high voltage increases power of your starter and the sealed AGM design rules out spills in the battery.

Battery Accessories

Battery AccessoriesBattery Accessories at JC Whitney like Blanket-Style Battery Warmers help warm your vehicle battery core to 60° to 70° above ambient temperature for quick starts. They come with thermal insulation that helps maintain battery temperature in warm as well as cold weather. Complete with a grounded cord, these Battery Warmers have a wraparound design with nylon tie cord and an oil and acid-resistant vinyl core.

You can also get Battery Fillers with Automatic Shut-Off that are made from acid-resistant, super-tough polyethylene. These containers with sure-grip handles let you easily fill batteries without spills. We also stock Two-Liter Battery Fillers, Professional Battery Hydrometers, Battery Brushes and more at our huge collection.

Battery Cables & Terminals

Battery Cables & TerminalsJC Whitney also stocks Battery Cables & Terminals that are great for making custom-fit cable assemblies in your cars, trucks, RVs and farm equipment. Battery Disconnects are designed for the performance customer who frequently changes out his battery! Quick disconnect prevents drainage of battery without any damage to battery posts during removal.

Tool-Less Side-Mount Battery Terminals for side terminal batteries help you connect and disconnect without any tools! These tri-knobs also replace standard bolts in your vehicle battery terminals easily. You can also go for Marine Battery Terminals with OE positive and negative stud sizes for the best fit possible. These heavy-duty full-length terminals have a solid lead construction and are built to allow brass-plated wing nuts to turn freely.

Battery Chargers

Battery ChargersBattery Chargers from JC Whitney like Automatic 2-AMP Battery Chargers/Maintainers keep battery in stored vehicle fully charged without damage or overcharging. They automatically switch from full top charge to float mode monitoring and are great for batteries in jet skis, boats, cycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, lawn mowers, cars and trucks.

Junior Battery Chargers are perfect for all 6 or 12-volt lead-acid and sealed maintenance free batteries. They have a solid state two-color LED that indicates state of charger and the lightweight, compact size is ideal for hard-to-fit spots! They are designed to fully charge your vehicle battery and maintain proper short-term or long-term storage voltage without overcharging.

Smart 12-Volt Battery Charger Systems come with automatic stop and fault detection indicators that eliminate the danger of reverse hookups, sparking or battery acid leakage due to overcharging. The Amps and status codes in these Battery Charger Systems appear in an easy-to-read large digital display and the Digital Smart Control charges at 100% of its rated output anywhere regardless of AC power quality or extension cord length!

Battery Switches & Isolators

Battery Switches & IsolatorsBattery Switches & Isolators include Battery Disconnect Switches that are easy to install on negative battery posts. The battery can be disconnected by unscrewing the knob a few turns and reconnected by tightening the knob that can be removed completely to deter theft. The compact size of these Battery Disconnect Switches fits most battery compartments easily.

Battery Isolators for 2 Battery Set-Ups help you run accessories in your vehicle without draining the battery. They automatically charge the auxiliary battery as you drive and the self-contained electrical system converts alternator or generator to safe, efficient charger.

Battery Tray & Tie Downs

Battery Tray & Tie DownsBattery Tray & Tie Downs like Acid-Neutralizing Battery Mats prevent acid-caused rust that can result in ugly body damage or even structural failure. They are designed to fit under your vehicle battery in minutes without any maintenance hassles!

You can also get top-quality Billet Aluminum Battery Straps with hard-anodized coating for long-lasting durability at a great low price. Replacement Battery Trays for Jeeps are also available that perfectly replace your rusted, deteriorated battery trays and eliminate battery shifting and movement.

Emergency Jump Starters

Emergency Jump StartersEmergency Jump Starters allow you to start your vehicle in minutes using the cigarette lighter port without using battery cables. These pre-charged and ready to use Emergency Jump Starters deliver power to your vehicle's battery through the cigarette lighter or power port. 450-AMP Jumper Starter / Compressor / Power Supply combine three emergency tools in one affordable, portable, cordless, rechargeable unit!

Heavy-Duty Jump Starters come in a choice of 600 or 950 Amps and generate reliable power to start a disabled battery fast. They have a built-in recharger and a sealed battery that can be safely stored in any position without fear of leaks.

Jumper Cables

Jumper CablesJumper Cables like Battery Booster Cables are made from copper conductors that are multi-stranded for greater flexibility. These 2-gauge cables are rated 500 amps and are more copper conductors than heavy-duty 4-gauge cables. Made from rugged thermo-plastic rubber insulation that resists oil, grease, moisture, they stay flexible up to -50 degrees F.

Power Sports Booster Cables are perfect for jumping smaller engines and for motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercrafts and snowmobiles. These light-duty 10-gauge cables with highly-visible yellow insulation come with reusable zippered vinyl bags that store long cables neatly and compactly!

Solar Battery Chargers & Accessories

Solar Battery Chargers & AccessoriesSolar Battery Chargers & Accessories from JC Whitney prevent natural battery discharge and electronic drain in cars and other small vehicles. They provide immediate trickle-charge when exposed to daylight, even through windows/windshields.

You can also find Intelligent PWM Charge Controllers that ensure your batteries reach their maximum capacity. They come with a built-in LED indicator that instantly displays charging status and integrated screw terminal connections for quick and easy installation. Sunsei Solar Panel Mounting and Expansion Kits help you connect solar chargers in seconds for maximum power potential.


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