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Bed & Cab Rack parts and accessories

A Bed & Cab Rack not only helps you carry cargo more safely, it also extends your truck bed’s service life. Here at JC Whitney, we have the lowest prices in the market for a Bed & Cab Rack that fits your vehicle like a glove. Leave it to us to ship your order within 24 hours! Browse our Bed & Cab Rack catalog today.

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    This Adarac truck bed rack system allows for a quick and effortless tie down of all objects. It works with inside rail tonneaus. This rack... more

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    Made of high quality materials, Garage-Pro Contractor Rack is the most ideal product to restore your malfunctioning original unit. It delivers... more


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    Who wouldn’t want to have some stylish bed bars installed on their pickup? Installing Go Rhino Standard Series Bed Bars will surely... more

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    Universal Aluminum Hauler Rack. Anodized and Bright Dipped all Aluminum Pickup Truck Rack - WILL NOT RUST! 1200 lbs. load capacity. 3 cross... more

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Do you regularly carry cargo on your truck bed? Or are you planning to sell your pickup truck someday? Either way, you should install a new Bed & Cab Rack to protect your truck bed from scratches and dings that could ruin its look, function and resale value. Good thing you can get all the truck accessories you need right here at JC Whitney.

A Bed & Cab Rack is specially designed to secure cargo on your truck bed without putting the bed in risk of damage. For instance, simply loading your mountain bike or skis on the truck bed is risky since the awkward position could result in the cargo or the bed getting damaged. With a Bed & Cab Rack installed on the truck bed, securely mounting these important pieces of equipment is a lot easier. An aftermarket rack is made of high-strength materials like steel or reinforced aluminum for extra durability. Many racks today are also covered in specially formulated coating that resist corrosion and wear for a long time.

Here at JC Whitney, we’ve been serving motorists and auto shops since 1915 and we’re proud of the credibility we’ve established throughout the years. Today, we continue our tradition of excellence by offering our customers nothing but the best guarantee in the industry. Our prices are just 50% of what other stores offer and we ship orders within 24 hours! Preserve your truck bed’s value and carry cargo more safely. Check out our Bed & Cab Rack catalog now.