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To give your ride the best treatment, give it only the best accessories from Benevento only from JC Whitney. With our attention to quality you always get exactly what you are looking for with us. And with our lowest price guarantee, you also get nothing but the best deals whenever you make a purchase with us.

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You all know that your car is your second home. If you could fit every household convenience in your car, would you? Chances are your answer is a yes! But since that is pretty much impossible, you can, at the very least, outfit it with the best accessories like those from Benevento. The right accessories, just the right amount in the right places, can turn your car from run-of-the-mill to a head turner.

Car trims are little details that make an impression whether you like it or not. Having a wrong color scheme to match your upholstery with your trims is not only tacky, it also gives your car (and you too) less credibility. Can you really take someone who cannot appreciate even just dash trims that seriously? With Benevento you can completely forget about problems like that.

Benevento has been in the game for a while now so it makes complete sense that JC Whitney now carries the brand under its wing. And because of this, you can now get Benevento accessories at the best bargains because we have the lowest price guarantee here. Check our catalogs using our easy to use search option now to view our great products and even better prices.