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Body Molding & Trim parts and accessories

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Body Molding and Body Trim accessories from JC Whitney’s extensive assortment of Exterior parts can be used to cover up those ugly dents, scratches and dings. Made of top-quality materials, these Body Molding and Body Trim accessories also help protect and stylize your vehicle. Our collection includes Accent Panels, Body Molding, Body Protection Films, Door and Body Guards, Diamond-Tread Side Rocker Panels, Body Armors, Body Side Moldings, Door Edge Guards, Door Handle Sets, Tailgate Handles, Wheel Well Moldings and Headlight Bezels, Dress Up and Channel Trim. You can opt for Body Molding and Body Trim accessories from renowned brands like Pacer, Spartan, JSP, Bushwacker, Bestop® and Putco™.


Body Molding & Trim

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  Get Style and Substance with Body Molding & Trim Accessories!
Types of Body Molding and Trim Accessories
Body Molding and Trim Materials
Get Style and Substance with Body Molding & Trim Accessories!

Looking for a way to cover up those ugly dents, scratches and dings sustained in traffic mishaps? Body Molding and Body Trim accessories give your vehicle valuable protection against dings and scratches as well as give a more accented and defined look to your vehicle. Made using tough, impact-resistant materials, Body Molding and Body Trims Accessories help protect and stylize your car, Jeep« or truck. Exterior Styling Products such as Accent Panels help beautify your vehicle by covering up welds, scratches and rust. With stunning Chrome Trim Kits and Chrome Door Handles, you can add a distinctive sparkle to your vehicle's exterior. Body Side Molding made using heavy-duty vinyl enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle and can be painted to match your vehicle. You can also get Body Side Molding designed especially for your Volkswagen Super Beetle and Karmann Ghia. Door Edge Guards and Rocker Panel Guards help defend the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle such as door edges and side panels. If you are looking to spruce up your Jeep« or pickup truck, you can choose Body Cladding Kits that come bundled with all the styling components necessary to dress up your Jeep« Wrangler or pickup truck. For those of you who do a great deal of off-roading in your Jeep«, Jeep« Body Armors that combine tough off-roading protection with good looks are a must-have.

Types of Body Molding and Body Trim Accessories

Body Molding and Body Trim accessories are available in a variety of materials for various parts of your vehicle. Let's now take a detailed look at the features of Body Side Molding, Accent Panels, Body Protection Film, Door and Body Guards and Dress Up and Channel Trim Kits:

Accent Panels

Accent PanelsAccent Panels spruce up your vehicle's exterior by masking dents, scratches, welding marks and paint chips. They are made using tough and corrosion-resistant stainless steel materials and come with a self-adhesive backing for easy installation.

Exterior Accessories such as Exterior Trims and Body Cladding Kits help add more protection and good looks to your vehicle. Diamond-plate Exterior Trims dress up the exterior of your vehicle and add a brawny and stylish metallic look. Made using impact-resistant thermoplastic, these Exterior trims are lightweight, yet tough enough to withstand the harsh elements. They are flexible enough to conform to your vehicle's body contours and can be easily installed with an automotive grade adhesive.

Body Cladding Kits are custom-fit kits that come bundled with all the styling components needed to give an instant facelift to your Truck or Jeep® Wrangler - lower door rocker panel sections, front bed rocker panels and rear bed rocker panels. Made using strong and durable materials, Body Cladding Kits can be installed easily.

Body Side Molding

Body Side MoldingBody Side Molding is a simple raised strip that can be applied to your vehicle, to protect it against dings, chips and scratches. Body Side Molding prevents damage to the most vulnerable part of your vehicle - the sides. Moldings are available in wide, extra-wide and ultra-wide lengths and can be trimmed to fit the area you want to mold.

Body Side Molding is made using flexible, heavy-duty vinyl and come in black, chrome, or black and chrome styles. They can also be painted to match your vehicle. Most Moldings come with a self-adhesive backing, which makes for easy installation.

Body Protection Film

Body Protection FilmConstructed from heavy-duty vinyl, Body Shields shield your vehicle's lower body panels, front spoilers, wheel well openings against chips and scratches. Body Shields keep your car or truck looking as good as new helping you save precious dollars on body repairs. They can be trimmed to fit the contours to your vehicle's body perfectly and come with a self-adhesive backing that makes installation extremely easy.

Door Guards and Body Guards

Door Guards and Body GuardsDoor Guards and Body Guards protect the most easily damaged parts of your vehicle - the doors. Dents, scratches and dings on your Door Edge might lead to a number of retouching paint jobs that could burn a hole in your pocket. Door Guards made of tough and durable materials like chrome and stainless steel are an easy and affordable way to protect your vehicle doors against dents, scratches and dings. You can spruce up your vehicle doors with Chrome Door Handle Covers and Reverse Bars.

Door Edge Guards designed exclusively for Volkswagen help defend your Beetle's doors against chips, dings and scratches. They are made using stainless steel and can be painted to your vehicle. Corner Guards cover the entire back and corners of your Jeep® for extra protection and are a must for the serious off-roader.

Rocker Panels add a tough off-road look to your vehicle. They are made from impact-resistant Dura-Flex plastic. They come with a tough UV-protected matte black finish and can be easily painted to match your vehicle. You can also choose Rocker Panel Guides to spruce up and protect your vehicle against harsh elements.

Dress Up & Channel Trim Kits

Dress Up & Channel Trim KitsDress Up and Channel Trim Kits are a great way to spruce up your vehicle's interior and exterior. Made using mirror-polished stainless steel, Door Handle and Tailgate Handle Sets add a bright new look and can be installed easily with 3M automotive tape. Made using stunning chrome, Tailgate Handle Covers, Door Handles and Tailgate Handles help transform the exterior of your car, SUV or truck.

Headlight Bezels are the trim rings on the upper or lower part of your headlights. Headlight Bezels are a great way to dress up and add more protection to your Jeep® Wrangler. Made using durable plastic, Headlight Bezels can be pressed into place and secured with factory screws.

Wheel Well Moldings help protect the rain gutters and the trunk lids of your car. The Wheel Well Moldings are ultra-flexible to fit virtually any part of your vehicle such as fender wells, bumpers, signal lights and grilles.

Body Molding and Body Trim Materials

Once you have made the choice as to which Body Molding and Body Trim accessory you need, it helps to be informed about the different types of materials available for protecting and beautifying the exterior of your vehicle. Body molding materials include plastic, chrome, stainless steel and aluminum. Here is a brief about the pros and cons of each that will help you make a quick decision.


Plastic has many advantages over aluminum and steel. It is resistant to dents, scratches and dings. It is more aesthetically appealing, as the scratches and dents on plastic are not visible.


Chrome is flashy, sleek and stylish. Chrome Trim added to tail lights, tailgates and mirrors enhance the overall look of your vehicle. However, Chrome tends to rust when exposed to moisture for extended periods of time.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is a great material for Accent Panels and Body Panels. It is durable and does not corrode easily. However, it is a bit bulky compared to aluminum. Over a period of time, scratches can dull the sheen of stainless steel.


Aluminum is lightweight, chip-resistant and durable. It is also susceptible to oxidization. Aluminum Body molding products from JC Whitney are powder-coated or anodized which makes them corrosion-resistant. However, aluminum dents easily.