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Be your own mechanic and save more on auto repair costs with JC Whitney’s Body Repair Manuals. We’re offering these complete and accurate manuals to you at just 50% of their suggested retail prices at other stores! Leave it to us to deliver the manual to your doorstep fast and secure, too. Browse our catalog of Body Repair Manuals now to find the ones you need.

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    WELDING MANUAL. This manual covers all types of welding including arc welding, MIG (wire-feed) welding, TIG (heli-arc) welding, oxyacetylene... more

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In the current state of the economy, it’s almost foolish to take your car to the auto repair shop—what with the expensive repair bills you’ll have to pay. It’s more economical to learn DIY repair and maintenance and use the knowledge to keep your car in tip-top shape. If you’re determined to save more on repair costs and be a true mechanic of your own vehicle, you need to get yourself some Body Repair Manuals.

You can’t always rely on waxes and bottles of protectant to keep your car’s bodywork in perfect form. Having Body Repair Manuals in your garage prepares you in case you get involved in a fender bender that results in some nasty scratches or dents on your bodywork. The best manuals are those that give clear, accurate instructions that are easy to follow. Body Repair Manuals may cover a wide range of topics, including welding, body straightening, painting, fiberglass repair, detailing, interior restoration and many more.

There’s a wide variety of Body Repair Manuals out there, so leave it to us here at JC Whitney to give you the cream of the crop. Our manuals are complete, accurate and are definitely essential to a serious DIYer like you. We’re offering these manuals to you at just half of their suggested retail prices at other stores, so you can get more of them for less. Save more in the long-term by being your own mechanic. Check out our extensive collection of repair manuals right now.