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Take a look at our selection of Body Repair Parts products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Body Repair Parts. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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Auto Body Repair Parts from JC Whitney’s vast collection help fix your vehicle’s damaged parts and make it look like new again. These Body Repair Parts from popular brands help you to repair rusted, dented and deteriorated parts of your vehicle perfectly.

Our assortment of Body Repair Parts includes Body Gaskets and Bushings that efficiently eliminate leaks, rattles and wind noise making your rides quieter and more comfortable. Body Repair Parts like Complete Replacement Parts and Repair Panels help you to dress up your vehicle completely, providing it with sleek and custom looks. JC Whitney also stocks Door, Trunk and Hood Hardware, Tailgate Hardware, Windows and many more Body Repair Parts from popular brands like EMPI, Volant, Cipa, Performance Accessory and Rough Country Suspension amongst many others.


Body Repair Parts

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  Body Repair Parts For A Renewed Look!
Body Repair Parts For Every Auto Body Part!
Types of Body Repair Parts
When To Replace Auto Body Parts?
How to Maintain Body Repair Parts?
Body Repair Parts For A Renewed Look!

Does your vehicle look worn out? Give it a facelift! At JC Whitney you can get all Auto Body Parts required to make your vehicle look good and also function well. You don't have to spend a fortune getting damaged parts repaired, just replace them instead! With Body Repair Parts your vehicle will have good structural strength and also improved on-road performance.

If your vehicle gets dented or even severely damaged, you don't have to buy each part individually to get your vehicle back on the road. Complete Replacement Parts and Repair Panels will help restore the damaged area completely. These Body Repair Parts are custom-made from high-quality materials to give long-lasting security and style. You can select from Body Repair Parts that come in a variety of designs and colors to restore your vehicle.

You can also replace wobbly and loose-fitting Trunk Hardware, Door Hardware and Hood Hardware like handles, hinges, locks, and tailgate cables for proper road security. Worn out Body Gaskets and Bushings will reduce on-road performance and lead to expensive repairs. You can easily get replacements from our collection at JC Whitney. Weather resistant Replacement Windows come in a variety of tints and designs to fit your vehicle perfectly.

Body Repair Parts For Every Auto Body Part!

At JC Whitney you can get even the most hard-to-find Body Repair Part without any hassles. Auto Body Repair Parts are a quick and economical way to restore the look and performance of your vehicle. Most of them are custom-made and come in several shapes and designs.

Types of Body Repair Parts

Body Gaskets and Bushings

Body Gaskets and BushingsIf your vehicle is noisy and makes continuous rattling sounds its time to replace Body Gaskets and Bushings. Worn out Body Gaskets and Bushings could seriously reduce the on-road performance of your vehicle. Body Gaskets and Bushings act as seals between two vehicle parts and prevent leakage of important fluids to ensure good performance.

Body Plugs are made of tough material to give long lasting service. You can seal holes in your vehicle body, trunk and flooring with Body Plugs. They plug holes and repair worn interior parts in an effective and economical way.

Complete Replacement Parts

Complete Replacement PartsComplete Replacement Parts are generally made of strong, rustproof materials to keep your vehicle secure and stylish for years. They are also custom-molded to fit your vehicle perfectly. You don't have to worry about spending a bomb on repairing damage caused in accidents. Complete Replacement Parts restore the original look of your vehicle and also give it extra protection.

You can get Replacement Parts for all parts of your vehicle - Body Side Panels, Quarter and Rocker Panels, Fender Panels, Filler and Apron Panels, Doors, Fenders, Tailgate and Deck Lids, Replacement Hood and Parts, Windshield Frames and Accessories and Full Body Parts.

Door, Trunk and Hood Hardware

Door, Trunk and Hood HardwareYou can stop annoying rattles and wobbles of your vehicle doors and handles with Door, Trunk and Hood Hardware. These custom-made Hinges, Bolts, Locks and Handles provide better convenience and security on the road. Most Door, Trunk and Hood Hardware are made of polished satin stainless steel or rustproof satin stainless steel. Quick-Release Lid-Pins that allow better access to the engine compartment are also available at JC Whitney.

Repair Panels

Repair PanelsRusted and worn out Body Panels should be replaced as they lose their resistance making them vulnerable to heavy impact. Auto Repair Panels are made of strong and durable materials like aluminum, steel or fiberglass. They give your vehicle extra structural strength and usually have a dent-resistant quality for good on-road protection.

Repair Panels are available for all parts of your vehicle - Front Hood Panels, Door Panels, Side Panels, Fender Panels, Quarter and Corner Panels, Tailgate Panels and Floor Panels.


WindowsYou can easily replace broken or scratched Windows of your vehicle with Replacement Rear and Side Windows. They come in a variety of designs and are custom made to fit your Pickup or Sedan. Most of these Windows are weather-resistant and have tints to block out the harmful effect of UV rays.

When To Replace Auto Body Parts?

If any part of your vehicle has been damaged or dented you need to get it replaced immediately to prevent further harm to the functioning of your vehicle. Body Repair Parts will help you get back the original look and performance of your vehicle. Auto Repair Parts are made of strong materials providing good security and durability.

Old and worn out Body Repair Parts also need to be replaced to prevent sudden breakage and accidents on the road. Replacing old parts will give you better protection on the road in case of accidents.

Engine parts like Body Gaskets and Bushings and other Door, Trunk and Hood Hardware like Handles, Hinges, Bolts, Cables, Locks etc need to be replaced if they are rattling or broken.

How to Maintain Body Repair Parts?

You need to clean and maintain Body Repair Parts to keep your vehicle looking sleek and stylish. You can do this by washing and waxing your vehicle regularly. Use only mild cleaning products and follow all manufacturer's instructions to maintain the original look of the Body Repair Parts and save yourself from expensive repairs.

You can also conduct occasional checks on your vehicle's Bushings and other Door, Trunk and Hood Hardware to ensure that they fit securely. Get your vehicle examined by a professional at least once a year to keep it in good working condition.