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Boost & Vacuum Gauges parts and accessories

Here at JC Whitney you can get the boost and vacuum gauges you are looking for your car. Monitor your car well by getting the boost gauges that fit your car’s make, model and year. Simply choose from our wide range of options, have them shipped to your doorstep in record time and get the best readings from your engine today.

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    Features dark blue markings and red pointers-backlit for easy nighttime readingsPerfect upgrade for dull original or broken gaugesEasy... more

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    SPORT ST BOOST GAUGE. Sport ST Gauges are designed to closely match today’s car interiors. Gauges feature through the dial lighting... more


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One way your car can tell you something is wrong is through the gauges on your dashboard. There are other gauges that you can use to make sure your car is running at top performance, much like the boost and vacuum gauges. Of course, once your engine stops turning then you also know something is terribly wrong! However, it is not an option to wait for your car to break down before doing something about it.

Whether it’s boost gauges you are looking for or vacuum gauges, you already know that gauges play an important role in car maintenance. Make sure that you keep your car in good condition because, let’s face it, cars are not cheap. Maintaining your car helps make sure that you will keep on using it for years to come.

At JC Whitney you get the highest quality replacement car parts and accessories. Check our catalogs–we are sure that you will find the parts you are looking for because of the wide range of options we have available for you. Whether you are looking for boost gauges or any other kind of gauge, you can find it here. Search for it and simply select the vacuum gauges that fit your car’s make and model and wait while it gets shipped to your doorstep quickly and securely.