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If you want a complete DIY garage with all the special tools you need to repair your vehicle, you must get yourself some Bossco products. Here at JC Whitney, we’re offering our full-range of original Bossco products at prices 50% lower than our competitors’! Check out our extensive catalog of Bossco products today to finish your DIY work as soon as possible.

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    Perfect for: Auto Repair, Handyman work, Biking, Boating, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Military Work, Power outages, and more. more

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    HI:BEAM Glove Lite. Perfect for: Auto Repair, Handyman Work, Evening walks, Camping, Fishing, Biking, Boating, Plumbing, Electrical work... more

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    LUMA LITE . Perfect for : Handyman Work, Tents and RV's, Attic/Basement, Closets, Medicine Cabinet, Under car hood, Boats, Under sink... more

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No wonder you consume more time than necessary to fix your vehicle ‘cause you’re still using that same, old flashlight that doesn’t ensure 100% visibility. If you’re the type of DIYer who loves to finish his garage work in the shortest time possible, then you’ll be interested in using Bossco lighting devices that’ll make your work a lot easier.

Bossco parts and products, especially the popular Luma Lite, are being used by more and more motorists in the country because of their incredible ingenuity. The Luma Lite, for instance, is a specially designed lighting device that has four high-intensity LED lights with around 100,000 hours of usage. The LEDs are fitted in a high-impact, waterproof plastic body with a magnetic base and easy fastening mechanisms, so you can mount it anywhere. This device, as well as other Bossco parts, are perfect for any roadside emergency work, plumbing and electrical repairs, and camping purposes among many others.

To get the finest Bossco products in the market, look no further than JC Whitney. We’re very sensitive to the fact that you just want to fix your car as soon as possible, so we’re going to ship your item within 24 hours! And you also shouldn’t worry about your budget at all since our prices are 50% lower than what other stores out there offer. If you’re tired of the feeble light from your flashlight, which also consumes batteries at a crazy rate, check out our extensive catalog today to find all the DIY tools and equipment you need.