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Motorcycle Brake Accents

Getting your car to look as good as it should is easy with JC Whitney. Simply check out our catalogs today to see the customization options you get from us with our brake accents. Our lowest price guarantee always gives you the most savings for the parts that you want. And we’ll never run out of stock so check out our catalogs today.

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    KURYAKYN™ BRAKE PEDAL PADS Kuryakyn™ Brake Pedal Pads are perfect for your vehicle's rear brake pedals. These brake pedal... more

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The thing about cars, and any vehicle for that matter, is that they are no longer for the sole purpose of getting you from point A to point B. They function as a status symbol, a hobbyist’s dream and many more. There are so many things that you can improve on your ride, especially your motorcycle. Even simple brake accents make a big impression on others once you outfit your ride with them.

Customizing the looks of your ride has been a favorite car and bike owners for a really long time now. The simplest things can enhance your ride in ways you never knew about! And what better way to get your ride looking better than to install with ease the accessories that actually make a difference and impression? Brake accents, then, are your easiest and best bet to get the look your ride deserves.

Here at JC Whitney, we know that your ride is one of your most important investments. That is why we make customizing it much easier for you with our simple ordering and shipping which you can do in the comfort of your own home. We also make life with your ride easier on the wallet because we have the lowest price guarantee, something not anyone can just claim. So check out our great products and our even better prices today. For more promos and discounts available, check the rest of our site and our different ads.

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