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Brake Cables parts and accessories

Juicing the best performance from your brakes requires the help of quality brake cables. See JC Whitney’s selection of car parts for the quality and value for money that you are looking for. We have the largest in-stock selection of parts so whatever it is you need; you can find it right here with a few clicks of a button while at home.

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    Crown Automotive is the go-to company for premium quality factory replacement parts for Jeeps manufactured as far back as 1942. more

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    HANDBRAKE CABLES FOR VOLKSWAGEN. Prepacked, ready to install. Replacement cable and housing. Designed for Beetle and Super Beetle. more


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    Make your parking brake mechanism work efficiently and at the same time restore its factory-like condition with this cable from Motorcraft... more

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Electronics play a very big role in day to day life. In everything you do there is most probably some kind of technology involved in it. Your car, for one, is one of the most complex machines you use that exploits the use of electronics. If you have the time then take your car apart. You will see that a great deal of electronics are what is under the hood of your ride. And just one of the many examples of parts you can find are the brake cables.

Car maintenance is the responsibility of every car owner. There is little alternative to car maintenance—either you do it or you don’t! The fact that car maintenance is so expensive has driven many, like yourself, to take matters into your own hands and just do these little repairs yourself. Even the installation of brake cables are now in your hands. Check your car manual frequently to see if there are any special instructions for your ride.

JC Whitney has always been your trusted provider of car parts. Check out our great selection today and select the parts that match your ride’s specific make, model and year. Since you want only the best bargains, you also get the brake cables you need at the best prices thanks to our lowest price guarantee. With such a guarantee in place you make more savings compared to anywhere else!