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Brake Hardware parts and accessories

Your replacement brake hardware is on hand here at JC Whitney. Type in the parts you are looking for and select the ones that fit your car’s specific make, model and year. Since we have a very wide range of products available for you, you will not run out of choices or stock. Just put the parts you want in your cart and let us do the rest.

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Purchasing a car is a big decision. Unlike getting a new shirt, cars need a lot more consideration. And not to mention money too! Making sure your car is always in top condition ensures that your car will keep on running for years, doing away with the headache of buying a new car. Things like brake hardware need to be replaced every so often because, as you can imagine, in time they break down.

Wear and tear gets to every vehicle, without bias to marque and year. So, brake hardware is a necessity for everyone. Take the time to check up on your brakes. With faulty brakes, you make yourself a target of road mishaps, something everyone can live without. Get your new brake hardware at the slightest indication of problems because safety is must while on the road.

Here at JC Whitney, all your car needs are taken care of. Even the specific brake hardware that fits your vehicle is available here; all you have to do is search for it! So what are you waiting for? Check out our catalogs for the truck brake drums that you have been looking for. With our quick shipping and secure transactions you have nothing to worry about. Just click away and let us do the rest.


Brake Hardware

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  Safe and Trouble-Free Braking with Brake Hardware
Types of Brake Hardware
Safe and Trouble-Free Braking with Brake Hardware

Brake Hardware helps you maintain consistent and balanced braking while driving. The braking system is designed with the latest safety engineering technology and is one of the most important systems of your vehicle. The brake mechanism runs on various brake parts and thus is designed to transmit the force from your leg to the wheels. Brake Hardware at JC Whitney provides you with incredible stopping power and unmatched performance.

Brake Cables help retain your vehicle's brake parts in their original position during the braking process. Brake Hardware Kits are specially designed to restore your brake system. Emergency Brake Parts are used in case of failure of the regular brakes and are also commonly used as a parking brake. These Brakes help to keep the car from rolling on unleveled ground.

Brake Cables, Brake Hardware Kits and Emergency Brake Parts are the types of Brake Hardware available at JC Whitney.

Types of Brake Hardware

Brake Cables

Brake CablesBrake Cables are systems that are used to hold one or more brakes continuously in an applied position. They help retain your vehicle's brake parts in their original position during the braking process. Handbrake Cables for Volkswagen® are designed for Beetles and Super Beetles. They are pre-packed and come with a replacement cable and housing that ensure better braking performance.

Emergency Brake Handle Kits are designed for ‘56-‘79 Volkswagen® Beetles and Super Beetles. These kits include a hand brake lever, a pawl, a ratchet, a release button, a pawl rod, a spring, necessary pins, clips and washers that help improve your braking ability. These kits include chrome plated replacement parts and are ready to install.

Brake Hardware Kits

Brake Hardware KitsBrake Hardware Kits restore your vehicle's brake system making it perform like new. These Hardware Kits deliver smoother stops, promote even pad wear and reduce pulling and pulsation. Brake Drum Hardware Kits consist of a variety of parts that are specially designed to restore your brake system. These kits include caliper anti-rattle clips, seals, pins, dust boots along with drum shoe return springs, hold down springs, and adjuster assemblies that help to maintain consistent and balanced braking.

Drum Brake Hardware Kits are designed for cars and trucks. These kits include retaining clips, bushings and "O" rings - can be ordered as per requirement.

Drum Brake Self-Adjusting Hardware Kits, Brake Hold Down Hardware Kits, Emergency Brake Springs For Jeep®, Brake-Hose-To-Caliper Bolts For Jeep®, Master Cylinder Brake Washer and Bolt Kits and Caliper Brackets are the various Brake Hardware Kits available at JC Whitney.

Emergency Brake Parts

Emergency Brake PartsEmergency Brake Cable is a simple mechanical linkage used to engage the brake shoes when the parking brake-pedal is applied. Emergency Brake Shoe Sets For Jeep® are commonly used as a parking brake. These Emergency Brakes are separate brake systems inside the vehicle that help you brake even when there is total brake failure. Emergency Brakes are also called handbrakes. They do not fit M38A1 models.


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