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Brake Parts

Take a look at our selection of Brakes products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Brakes. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.

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Brakes from JC Whitney help provide your vehicle with maximum stopping power. Made from top-quality materials, these Brakes last long and also help contribute to the effectiveness of your vehicle’s brake system. We stock variety of Brake kits and Brake components like Brake Conversion Kits, Brake Drums and Brake Rotors, Brake Shoes and Brake Pads that help improve the performance of your Brake system ensuring safety under difficult driving conditions.

You can also opt for Brake components like Brake Hardware, Brake Masters, Brake Calipers, Brake Lines and Wheel Cylinders. You can pick all these and more from popular brands like Omix Ada®, Dorman®, SSBC and Powerslot®.



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  Performance and Safety with Brakes!
How do Brakes work?
Types of Brakes
Installation & Maintenance of Brakes
Performance and Safety with Brakes!

Brakes slow down or stop your vehicle when in motion and keep it from starting to move again. The braking system is designed with the latest safety engineering and is one of the most important systems of your vehicle. You need to understand your vehicle brake system and brake components in particular and how each one works in relation to the other.

Brakes from JC Whitney are available both as replacement parts and performance brakes. Brake pads, shoes, rotors and drums are the main components under performance brakes. They help in the smooth running of your vehicle and provide you with safe and improved braking, without any squeaks. These brake parts also help increase your vehicle's stopping power and control while driving.

You can go for either Disc Brake System or Drum Brake System for your vehicle. Disc Brake Systems are more reliable, efficient and offer greater stopping performance when compared to Drum Brake Systems. Except Brake Rotors that are made from hardened steel, all other brake components are normally made of synthetic material.

How do Brakes work?

Brake systems are powered to stop your vehicle from the highest of speeds within a reasonably short distance. The brake mechanism runs on various brake parts and is designed to transmit the force from your leg to the wheels. The force with which you push down the br This force is multiplied in the brake fluid and thake pedal is not enough to stop your vehicle.

is is transmitted to the tires and the road through friction material, i.e. the brake pads and brake shoes. The pressurized brake fluid then moves the pistons at each wheel, rubbing the brake pads and brake shoes against the rotating rotor or drum, stopping the vehicle and holding it as long as the brake is applied. Caliper pistons move brake pads, while wheel cylinder pistons move brake shoes.

Types of Brakes

Brake Conversion Kits

Brake Conversion KitsBrake Conversion Kits from JC Whitney offer maximum performance for your brake system. Brake kits are sets of brake components you can install for a wide range of applications. Performance brake kits provide your vehicle cool running and an unimaginable stopping power. Brake conversion kits contain all the accessories you need to give your vehicle a big brake upgrade. Drum Brake-To-Disc Brake Conversion Kits can be installed if you want a front or rear drum-to-disc brake conversion for your Beetles and Super Beetles.

When your vehicle has to carry heavy loads or when you have more number of stops on your drive, you need to install a Big Brake Upgrade kit. This kit includes brake calipers, rotors, spindles and carbon pads that minimize brake fade, restore safety and enhance faster initial braking in your vehicle. It does not require drilling, comes with bolt-on installation and fits easily inside the stock wheel.

Performance Brake Kits give your vehicle the stopping power of the finest sports cars of the world. You can also go for Adjustable Proportioning Valves, Performance Big Brake Kits and Brake Kits that are made from lightweight aluminum and are highly durable. Made from top quality materials, all the components ensure high performance and are made to last long.

Brake Drums & Rotors

Brake Drums & RotorsBrake Drums and Rotors are revolving components of the braking system that provide a friction surface for the lining pads to slow or stop your vehicle. Drums and rotors are built to remain stable even when subjected to high temperatures of repeated braking. A brake drum gives your vehicle superior braking and helps in absorbing and burning up the heat generated during the braking process. Generally made of cast iron, brake drums are also designed to stand up to continuous contact with water, road grit and abrasives.

Brake rotors from JC Whitney improve performance and safety in your vehicle by eliminating unbalanced weight and vibrations in the brake system. Performance brake rotors come in various styles. Replacement Brake Rotors are specially designed to boost overall rotor cooling and resistance to thermal cracking.

You can even go for Drilled and Slotted rotors that maximize air circulation and increase cooling in addition to giving an aesthetic appeal. The drills in the rotors help in faster initial braking and the slots keep the rotor surface free of pad residue, avoiding warping of your brakes. Slotted, cross-drilled Brake Rotors and flame-design or orbit-design Brake Rotors for your jeep are some other styles available at JC Whitney.

Brake Hardware

Brake HardwareBrake Hardware Kits from our collection help retain your vehicle brake parts in their original places during the braking process. Brake hardware kits are pre-packaged sets of all the necessary supporting hardware to facilitate better brake performance and restore your vehicle brake system to perform like new! Emergency Brake Shoe Sets are also available that are separate brake systems commonly used as parking brakes.

Brake drum, brake caliper and drum brake hardware kits include Caliper anti-rattle clips, retaining clips, seals, pins, bushings, dust boots, hold-down springs, drum shoe return springs and other parts that help maintain consistency and balance in your braking system. Caliper brackets contribute to even pad wear and help in smooth stopping of your vehicle. The hardware in these kits vary with different makes and models of your vehicle.

JC Whitney also stocks Handbrake Cables, Emergency Brake Handle Kits, Emergency Brake Cables and Brake Springs, Brake Drum Hardware Kits, Drum Brake Self-Adjusting Hardware Kits, Brake-Hose-To-Caliper Bolts, Master Cylinder Brake Washer and Bolt Kits.

Brake Pads & Shoes

Brake Pads & ShoesBrake Pads and Brake Shoes are wearable friction material in the Braking System that provide safe, easy and noiseless braking for your vehicle. Brake Pads and Shoes are available in a variety of types built specifically to meet the various needs and driving conditions that different customers require.

Brake Pads are bound with semi-metallic, platinum, gold, carbon-ceramic or ceramic friction lining on the surface facing the brake disc or drum. Ceramic pads outlast and perform better than the other types giving a smooth and effortless stop to your vehicle. Replacement Brake Pad Sets are designed to match original equipment specifications of your brake system. Heavy vehicles require Brake Pads with greater heat dissipation features as their brake systems are more likely to experience higher temperatures.

Brake Shoe sets from JC Whitney maximize control during hard braking and ensure smooth, quiet braking in your vehicle. Vehicles with front and rear drum brakes require two brake shoe sets. You can get Severe-Duty Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Sets that are superior to metal-based pads and are the choice of leading manufactures for their top-end vehicles. Gransport GS-6 Carbon Ceramic Performance Pad Sets are ideal for Cross-Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors and they help eliminate pad torque and heat separation, which is the major cause of brake failure under severe braking conditions.

We also stock Premium Gold Semi-Metallic Brake Pads and Hardware Kits, Brake Shoe Sets, Performance Brake Pad Sets, Classic Brake Pad Sets, Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pad Sets, Platinum Disc Brake Pad Sets, High-Performance Brake Pad Sets, Disc Brake Pads and Hardware Kits, Titanium ti22 Brake Pad Sets, Replacement Brake Pad Sets and Carbon Metallic Brake Pads at JC Whitney.

Masters, Calipers, Lines & Wheel Cylinders

Masters, Calipers, Lines & Wheel CylindersBrake Caliper is an assembly of brake pads and pistons. Calipers are non-rotational clamps used in the disc brake system while wheel cylinders are used in drum brake systems and are both vital for good brake action. They have one or more pistons made of aluminum or chrome-plated iron. Increase in brake fluid pressure moves the pistons outward and forces the brake pads to rub against the rotor bringing the vehicle to a halt.

When the brake pedal is released, the caliper piston seal retracts pulling the brake pads off the rotor surface. Caliper pistons are self-adjusting and maintain pad-to-rotor contact even as pads wear with time. Brake Calipers, Brake Caliper Kits and Brake Caliper Repair Kits include piston seals and boots to improve caliper functioning.

Brake Hoses and Brake Line kits from JC Whitney are sets of flexible brake tubes with metal ends for transmitting brake fluid from the master cylinder to the wheels. Rubber brake hoses are more flexible and are used at the front wheels and the steer. Braided stainless steel brake lines are preferred over metal ones as they are corrosion resistant and have extra strength and durability to withstand pressure. As the brake fluid in your vehicle gets hot, it exerts pressure on the brake lines and with time, they bulge making the brake pedal softer. A brake line replacement helps you firm up your old brake pedal.

Master cylinders are located in the engine compartment in front of the driver's seat and are the highly reliable components of the brake system. A standard master cylinder houses two separate cylinders, each handling two wheels. This makes the cylinder failsafe and ensures that the vehicle stops even if one side fails or a brake fluid leak occurs in one. They are connected to the wheels through the brake lines and hoses and help in displacing the brake fluid pressure to the rest of the brake system.

When the brake pedal is applied, pistons in the master cylinder move and force the pressurized brake fluid out through the brake lines and hoses. Master Cylinders from JC Whitney are manufactured to exact original equipment specifications to ensure durability and dependability. Brake power boosters increase brake pedal force and assist in faster braking. Brake master cylinder covers and brake reservoir covers help dress up your engine area.

Our extensive collection of Brake Masters, Brake Calipers, Brake Lines and Wheel Cylinders at JC Whitney also includes Replacement Brake Hoses, Replacement Brake Line Kits, Braided Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits, Stainless Steel Brake Hose Kits, Replacement Dune Buggy Brake Master Cylinders, Master Cylinder with Billet Reservoirs, Master Cylinder Covers, Billet Aluminum Brake Reservoir Covers and Brake Power Boosters.

Installation & Maintenance of Brakes

Each JCW Brake component comes with a DIY installation. But always get them installed by a mechanic, as it is a major safety issue for you and your vehicle. Installing/removing a single part is easy whereas installing kits may be difficult and has to be done by a professional. Never install Brake Pads with lifetime warranty, as these have a harder lining and lead to excessive wear of the more expensive rotors and drums.

Routine maintenance and timely care of your vehicle Brakes is essential for your safety as well as your vehicle's safe operation. Get your vehicle's Brake components inspected at least annually for service and replacement as they tend to wear with time and factors like heat and friction.

Replace Brake hardware, specially worn out Brake Pads and Rotors, whenever you go for a brake service as further neglect may lead to damage and replacement of the entire Brake Rotor/Drum. Do not use copper tubing or brass compression fittings to repair your vehicle's Brake system as this is harmful and illegal. Do not get the rotors refinished often as this makes them thinner and reduces their life.

Wipe off any Brake dust or road dirt from the Brake calipers from time to time and take care not to inhale any dust when working on Brakes especially in old vehicles. Maintain the correct amount of approved Brake Fluid in the Brake-fluid reservoir and the Master Cylinder and check for any possible leaks periodically to avoid brake failure.


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