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Bug Deflectors & Window Visors parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Bug Deflectors & Window Visors products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Bug Deflectors & Window Visors. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.

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Deflectors & Visors from JC Whitney’s huge collection offer maximum protection against bugs, kicked-up debris, blinding sun rays and wind to make your journeys more comfortable. Hood & Bug Deflectors & Shields give your vehicle eye-catching protection against dust and bugs. Made of top-quality materials, these Hood & Bug Deflectors & Shields are virtually unbreakable. Rear Window Deflectors help keep the rear window clean from dirt and road debris. They are specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures and are very easy to install.

Sun Visors from our wide selection of Deflectors & Visors help reduce glare, prevent interior fading and keep the interior cool. Constructed of rugged fiberglass, these easy to install Sun Visors blend perfectly into your vehicle’s lines and contours. Sunroof Deflectors from JC Whitney allow you to ride comfortably with the sunroof open. These wide, aerodynamic Sunroof Deflectors help reduce wind noise, drafts and turbulence inside the vehicle. Our extensive assortment of Deflectors & Visors also includes Roof Top Wind Deflectors and Side Window Deflectors & Visors. You can opt for Deflectors & Visors from popular brands like Lund, WeatherTech, EMPI, EGR and GT Styling.


Bug Deflectors & Window Visors

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  Bug Deflectors & Window Visors for Maximum Protection!
Types of Bug Deflectors & Window Visors
Bug Deflectors & Window Visors for Maximum Protection!

Deflectors & Visors from JC Whitney add a sleek, sophisticated look to your vehicle and protect its finish from bugs, road debris, sun rays and wind. They are designed to let in fresh air while minimizing in cabin wind noise and air turbulence. You can choose from a variety of quality crafted Deflectors & Visors available from well-known brands at our selection.

Hood & Bug Deflectors & Shields are carwash safe and won't fade or discolor. They come with super-strong acrylic foam tape that avoids all holes, metal screws and clips during installation. The smoke-gray tinted shield adds custom styling and directs airflow over the top to keep the windshield and paint finish free of bugs and road grime.

Deflectors come with a high-profile design that offers the best protection and easier cleanups behind the shield. The aerodynamic shape helps reduce drag and direct air, up and over the vehicle. Rear Window Deflectors help block the sunrays from entering the interior of your vehicle and reduce headlight glare at nights. Sunroof Deflectors are designed to fit beautifully and can be easily installed without any need for drilling, screws or clips!

Side Window Deflectors & Visors are aerodynamically designed to reduce wind noise while channeling the airflow to keep the interior free of smoke, stale air and window fogging, even in the worst conditions. Sun Visors from our assortment have twin ducts channel airflow that reduces wind drag for better performance and also feature flush-mount clearance lights for increased nighttime visibility.

Types of Bug Deflectors & Window Visors

Hood & Bug Deflectors & Shields

Hood & Bug Deflectors & ShieldsHood & Bug Deflectors & Shields from JC Whitney ensure maximum protection for the hoods, fenders and windshields of your vehicle. You can find a variety of Hoods, Bug Deflectors & Shields at our collection that help ward off bugs, stones and other road debris from the front of your vehicle. They come in exciting designs that look great and match with the hood lines and contours of your vehicle.

Easy-to-install Stone and Bug Deflectors are made from premium-grade modified acrylic and are highly durable and scratch resistant. You can get Custom-Fit Stone and Bug Deflectors that are made from tough polymer blend and are eight times stronger than acrylic. Hood and Fender Shields come in wrap-style for a sleek look and aerodynamic airflow into the engine. Made from dark-smoke-tinted polycarbonate, they are unbreakable and come with an acrylic foam adhesive tape for easy installation.

You can also go for Hood Shields that come with a full-height wraparound design that offers maximum protection to your vehicle's hood, fender and windshield. These impact, fade and scratch resistant Hood Shields mount away from the hood to simplify cleanups. Hood Protectors help protect your vehicle's windshield free of dust and bugs. These virtually unbreakable Hood Protectors come with low-profile mounting that blends into your vehicle's body lines perfectly and also can be installed in minutes!

Rear Window Deflectors

Rear Window DeflectorsRear Window Deflectors from our collection minimize dirt and grime buildup and help keep the rear windows of your vehicle clean. You can also go for Rear Window Sun Visors that let you drive with the sliding rear windows open to enjoy flow-through ventilation without getting wet in the rain! These Visors can even be installed easily using acrylic foam adhesive tapes.

You can also choose from ultra-thick Rear Air Deflectors that come with sleek aerodynamic design channel airflow and can be easily pained to match your vehicle's color scheme. Easy to install, these Rear Air Deflectors are made from strong special polycarbonate materials to last for years!

Our selection of Rear Window Deflectors also includes custom molded Rear Air Deflectors that help keep the rear window clean from dirt and road debris. These Rear Air Deflectors can withstand extreme temperatures and are extremely easy to install.

Roof Top Wind Deflectors

Roof Top Wind DeflectorsRoof Top Wind Deflectors help minimize wind resistance when towing, hauling or carrying luggage. They also help keep the campers, trailers and luggage insect-free. These strong, lightweight fiberglass Wind Deflectors reduce wear on drive train and cooling system while improving stability and gas mileage.

Trail-EZE II Wind Deflectors are one of the best deflectors available in the market. They come with struts that push the deflectors to a near-vertical position and out of the way during sharp turns. The automatic tilting system helps maximize fuel economy and reduce wind shear and bug spatter. Easy to install, these strong Wind Deflectors can even be folded flat when not in use!

Side Window Deflectors & Visors

Side Window Deflectors & VisorsSide Window Deflectors & Visors like Side Window Air Deflector Sets allow you to keep the windows open to improve air circulation and enhance driving comfort. They come with aerodynamic deflector channel airflow to help keep the interior free of smoke and stale air. These Side Window Deflectors also help prevent window fog-ups even in the worst conditions.

Deflector Sets from JC Whitney let you drive with the windows partially open to allow fresh air to circulate freely and prevent damaging heat buildup. They also act as vent windows and vacuum out stale air, cigarette smoke and window fogging out of your vehicle. These dark-smoke-tinted acrylic Deflectors will never rust or corrode and are very easy to install.

You can also find Window Visors that are sleek and blend beautifully with your vehicle's lines and contours. Easy to install, these scratch-resistant Window Visors can be painted to match your vehicle's color scheme. We also stock Wind and Rain Deflector Sets, Tape-On Slim Line Window Visor Sets, Chrome Side Window Air Deflectors, Stainless Steel Door Visor Sets and more at our vast selection.

Sun Visors

Sun VisorsJC Whitney also stocks Aerodynamic Sun Visors that help reduce glare, prevent interior fading and keep the interior cool. They come with a smooth gel-coat finish that can be easily painted to match or contrast your vehicle's color scheme. Constructed of rugged fiberglass, these easy to install Sun Visors blend perfectly into your vehicle's lines and contours.

L2R Series Visors come with a low profile, aerodynamic design that eliminates vibration and whistling. The black accent grids and fully-finished underside help provide a unique and distinctive look. Made from UV resistant ABS plastic, these Visors are very easy to install. Custom-Fit Rounded Sun Visors, Moonvisors, Contoured Sun Visors and Fiberglass Sun Visors are other types of Sun Visors available at JC Whitney.

Sunroof Deflectors

Sunroof DeflectorsSunroof Wind Deflectors from our huge collection fit factory-installed sunroof openings perfectly! They allow you to drive comfortably with the sunroof open and help reduce wind noise, drafts and turbulence inside the vehicle. They are molded of thick dark smoke-tinted high-impact enhanced acrylic and are contoured to fit beautifully and install easily.

These wide, aerodynamic Sunroof Deflectors come with wind-tunnel tested acrylic foam tape that helps hold the deflector in place and gasket seals at the edge of the deflector to protect your vehicle's delicate finish. They have higher filtration efficiency than cotton gauze filters and secure tightly with vehicle specific fasteners without any drilling hassles.


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