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    Body mount bushings by Prothane can help absorb the extra ‘play’ common to old or rubber bushings due to their polyurethane... more

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    Crown Automotive is the go-to company for premium quality factory replacement parts for Jeeps manufactured as far back as 1942. more

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    Cross-member bushings by Whiteline are made from a synthetic elastomer compound, which far outlasts and outperforms rubber or polyurethane... more

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    Steering rack bushings by Whiteline help improve steering wheel feedback and turn-in due to their elastomer fabrication, which far outlasts... more

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Bushings from JC Whitney’s assortment of Suspension and Chassis parts help improve the performance and handling of your vehicle. Made of urethane/polyurethane, these Bushings outlast and outperform stock rubber bushings. Our range of Bushings includes Bushing Kits that help in easy and complete conversion of your suspension to polyurethane. We also stock Control and Strut Arm Bushings that are made from top-quality materials making them stronger than the originals.

Bushing Kits from JC Whitney help reduce body-sway during rough off-road use. These Bushing Kits feature Bushings that absorb shock better than stock rubber bushings and last longer in heat or cold and on or off-road. Extremely resistant to heat, cold and friction, these Bushings effectively prevent weakening of your vehicle’s stock parts.

Control and Strut Arm Bushings help replace worn original bushings perfectly for more responsive handling and increased control. Control Arm Bushings from our collection of Bushings enhance steering response, increase driving safety and prevent uneven tire wear. You can eliminate "play" common to rubber bushings and prevent vehicle "wandering" by selecting Strut Arm Bushings.

You can choose Bushings from top-brands like Performance Accessory™, Prothane™, Bugpack and Dee Engineering.



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Types of Bushings
Bushings for an Improved Performance

Bushings play an important role in assuring the integrity of cables during and after their installation. Bushings at JC Whitney are precision designed and are engineered to exact tolerance. These strong and durable Bushings help eliminate Bushing play and absorb shocks efficiently. They are resistant to all weather conditions and help improve the performance and handling of your vehicle. They are made from premium quality urethane or polyurethane, which is designed to outlast and outperform rubber Bushings. Bushings can be used for Volkswagen Beetles, Super Beetles, Ghias, Sand Rails and Dune Buggies with axle-beam front ends.

Control Strut and Arm Bushings at JC Whitney replace worn original Bushings perfectly. These Bushings improve Suspension and restore tight handling. They eliminate "play" common to rubber Bushings providing a faster response and ensure proper steering. They are designed for Ford trucks, '66-'79 Ford Bronco and trucks, '88-'97 Acura and Honda cars and '71-'79 Volkswagen Super Beetles.

Bushings at JC Whitney help to maintain proper alignment under extreme conditions during on and off-road use. These Bushings improve your vehicle's handling, cornering and overall control.

Types of Bushings

Bushing Kit

Bushing KitBushing Kits at JC Whitney improve performance and handling, eliminating Bushing "play". They are precision designed and enhance shock absorption. These Bushing Kits are safe, durable and can easily withstand wear and tear.

Total Kit is an All-in-1 polyurethane Suspension/chassis Bushing Kit that helps improve performance and handling for your vehicle. This Polyurethane Bushing Kit is precision designed and engineered to exact tolerances. They outperform stock rubber Bushings by absorbing shocks better. They are resistant to heat, cold, on or off road use making them long lasting.

Polyurethane Cab-Mount Bushing Sets eliminate "play" between the body and the frame and assure maximum control of your vehicle by reducing body sway during rough off-road use. These Bushing Sets come with steel ring inserts that are molded into the main support Bushings for added durability. These durable Bushing Sets are strong and highly resistant to extreme temperatures and friction that can weaken stock parts. They are designed for 2WD and 4WD trucks. They include Bushings, washers and bolts where required.

Complete Polyurethane Suspension Bushing Kits, Polyurethane Body Mount Bushing Set, Complete Polyurethane Suspension/Chassis Bushing Kits, Replacement Urethane Body Bushing Kits, Polyurethane "C" Bushing Sets are the various types of Bushing Kits available at JC Whitney.

Control & Strut Arm Bushing

Control & Strut Arm BushingControl & Strut Arm Bushings are vitally important for your vehicles handling and are made from polyurethane making them durable and safe. These Control & Strut Arm Bushings at JC Whitney improve Suspension, absorb shocks, eliminate Bushing play and restore tight handling.

Polyurethane Strut Arm Bushing Set improves the front-end tracking for your vehicle. These Bushing Sets enhance your trucks handling and help eliminate wandering. They are made from polyurethane making them stronger and more durable than rubber. These Bushing Sets can be used for Ford trucks with front coil springs.

Polyurethane Tracking Arm Bushing Sets eliminate the "play" common to rubber Bushings for a faster response and better handling. These Bushing Sets are highly resistant to extreme heat, cold and friction making them long lasting. They are stronger and more durable than rubber. They are necessary for trucks with a lift kit or big tires. They are designed to fit all '66-'79 Ford Bronco, F100, F150 and F250 4WD pickups (except '76-'77 oval type).

Front Suspension Control Arm Bushing Kits, Front Strut Rod Bushing Kits, Control Arm Bushing, Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Sets, Urethane Control Arm Bushing Kits are the various types of Control & Strut Arm Bushings available at JC Whitney.