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Product #: 13907G Brand: Security Chain See Product Details
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Priced from: $42.92 - $80.07 See Product Choices
Priced from: $42.92 - $80.07 See Product Choices
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Product Details

Product Information

  • Offer better starts, stops and cornering traction than any other chain
  • Install easily anywhere (no need to move or jack up vehicle) for superior traction on ice and snow
  • Refer to TIRE SIZE CODE CHART (see below) for proper ordering
  • Meet the limited clearance requirements of vehicles labeled SAE Class "S" in the owner's manual
Safety designed for easier starts, faster stops and better traction! Part of the chain is in contact with the road at all times for superior take-hold traction — no gaps as with conventional chains. Engineered for maximum wear, traction and riding comfort. Chains ride quieter and smoother than link chains. Ultra-strong aircraft cable is covered with carbon steel rollers. Sharp rotating roller edges bite deep into snow, ice and mud yet won't wear down sidewalls like link chains. Side cable/roller cable connector lies flat against tire — nothing to stick out and get caught on fender. Include a durable plastic storage case. Chains for light trucks incorporate extra-heavy-duty cable and larger rollers than chains for cars. Easy to handle. Weigh just 4 to 7 lbs. For FWD and RWD vehicles with radial and conventional tires.

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