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Cams, Timing & Valve parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Cams, Timing & Valve products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Cams, Timing & Valve. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    PUSH ROD TUBES. Choose from an assortment of tubes: spring-loaded quick-change tube, adjustable screw-type tube, stock replacement push... more

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    BECK ARNLEY REPLACEMENT PARTS. Replace your worn out or broken part with these replacement parts. Designed and built to OEM specifications... more

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    Edelbrock Valve Cover. Manufactured from high quality materials for long life. Edelbrock Valve Cover is constructed from the high-tech... more

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    Spectre Timing Cover. This is built from great quality materials. Spectre is the leading producer of high performance part proven under... more

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Cams, Timing & Valve from JC Whitney’s vast collection of Engine Parts offer more horsepower, faster acceleration and torque on/off-road. Camshaft Gears provide significant performance gains by allowing precise camshaft adjustments. Pushrod sets are built to exact tolerances and are balanced to withstand the demands of high RPMs and heavy spring loads. These Pushrods not only resist flex to prevent damage to other valve-train components but also make your engine run longer and smoother. Timing Sets from our selection are last long, fit perfectly and ensure smooth and quiet operation.

Our collection of Cams, Timing & Valve also includes Cam Seals & Followers, Camshaft Bearings, Camshafts & Kits, Replacement Valve Covers, Rocker Arms, Timing Chains, Covers, & Guides, Valve Lifters & Springs and Valves & Guides. You can opt for Cams, Timing & Valve from renowned brands like Scat, AEM, STR, EMPI and Dorman.


Cams, Timing & Valve

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  Get Improved Engine Horsepower and Torque
Types of Cams, Timing & Valve
Get Improved Engine Horsepower and Torque

Cams, Timing & Valve from JC Whitney provide your engine with more horsepower and torque on/off-road. They also improve acceleration. You can choose Cams, Timing & Valve accessories like Cam Seals & Followers, Camshaft Bearings, Camshaft, Camshafts & Kits, Pushrods, Replacement Valve Covers, Rocker Arms, Timing Chains, Covers, & Guides, Timing Sets Valve, Lifters & Springs and Valves & Guides from renowned brands.

Camshaft Bearings replace damaged original bearings perfectly. You can ensure trouble-free valve train performance with the help of Camshaft Gears that feature top-quality design and construction. With Camshafts from JC Whitney, you will enjoy better throttle response, quicker acceleration and better efficiency. You can go in for top-quality Pushrods to make your engine run longer and smoother.

Replacement Valve Covers protect the valve trains of your engine system. The valve train consists of rocker arms, valve springs, push rods, lifters and a cam. You can also find superior Rocker Arms that will help reduce wear and tear and provide more power for your engine.

Our collection of Timing Chains, Covers, & Guides are engineered to exact specifications and are perfect for your engine. Timing Sets point to ensure accurate timing selection. They also help to remove the thrust load on Cam bearings.

You can also find Valve Lifters & Springs that eliminate any float or power loss. They feature an improved bearing design for increased longevity.

Types of Cams, Timing & Valve

Cam Seals & Followers

Cam Seals & FollowersCam Seals & Followers from our collection prevent oil leakage in your vehicle. You can select Valve Lifters that are designed for all air-cooled engines.

Camshaft Bearings

Camshaft BearingsCamshaft Bearings are great replacement and performance engine parts. You can opt for Double-Thrust Cam Bearing Sets that outlast and outperform conventional bearings. They are designed to work on all Cams. These Bearing Sets are designed for 1300-1600cc engines.

Camshaft Gears

Camshaft GearsCamshaft Gears from JC Whitney increase horsepower and also replace old or damaged parts for improved engine performance. Select Tru-Time Cam Gears that help increase horsepower and torque without any cam changes. These Cam Gears provide significant performance gains by allowing precise camshaft adjustments. Made from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum, these Cam gears are strong and lightweight. They feature true laser-etched markings and precision cut gear teeth that are guaranteed to match the OE drive tooth profile. These Cam Gears are CNC machined for superior precision and craftsmanship.

Bolt-On Cam Gears feature top quality design and construction ensuring trouble-free valve train performance. These Cam Gears fit all aftermarket Camshafts and all 1300-1600cc engines. They come with bolts included.

Camshafts & Kits

Camshafts & KitsCamshafts & Kits from JC Whitney help add torque, increase horsepower and improve the overall performance of your engine. You can get better throttle response, quicker acceleration, more vacuum and better efficiency for your engine with the help Hydraulic Flat-Tappet Camshaft/Lifter Kits available at our collection. They are perfect for drag racing, off-roading, street rods, muscle cars and marine use. These Kits include all necessary lifters.

High-Performance Camshafts are the easiest and fastest way to add torque and power to your Volkswagen. These Camshafts are made from top-quality materials for accuracy and long, dependable service. They are designed to fit '61-'79 Volkswagen 1200cc, 1300cc, 1500cc and 1600cc air-cooled engines.


PushrodsWe also stock Pushrods that not only resist flex to prevent damage to other valve-train components but also make your engine run longer and smoother. Some of the Pushrods are stronger than the original stock tubing. Pushrods from our collection are built to exact tolerances and balanced to help your engine run trouble-free for years.

Replacement Valve Covers

Replacement Valve CoversReplacement Valve Covers from JC Whitney efficiently protect the valve trains of your vehicle's engine system. These Valve Covers can be removed to adjust the valves. You can go for Replacement Plastic Valve Covers that neatly replace warped, cracked or damaged original plastic covers. These Valve Covers also help stop oil leaks. They come with a gasket included.

Rocker Arms

Rocker ArmsRocker Arms from JC Whitney are used to transmit force from cam to valve. You can opt for High-Performance Rocker Shaft Kits that help reduce wear and tear ensuring more power. These Shaft Kits also prevent rocker galling and clip/washer breakage that can occur when standard rockers are used in a performance engine. They fit '54-'70 Volkswagen 1200cc-1600cc air-cooled engines.

Timing Chains, Covers, & Guides

Timing Chains, Covers, & GuidesTiming Cover Kits from our collection of Timing Chains, Covers, & Guides include all seals, gaskets and an oil pump. They are manufactured to exact specifications.

Timing Sets

Timing SetsYou can choose Complete Timing Kits from our collection of Timing Sets that help restore proper timing, smooth and quiet operation. These Timing Kits feature solid steel gears and not powered metal like many originals, making them tough and long-lasting. Designed for imported engines, these Timing Kits exceed original-equipment specifications. These Kits include a cam gear, a crank gear, a chain, a tensioner, a tension rail and a gasket/seal.

Valve Lifters & Springs

Valve Lifters & SpringsValve Lifters & Springs from our collection are heat treated providing maximum durability. These Valve Lifters & Springs are made from materials machined to exact tolerances. You can choose High Performance Valve Springs that are designed to resist fatigue and breakage. Made from premium steel, these Valve Springs are durable, strong and lightweight. They are engineered for performance engines, high RPM and high lift cams.

Valves & Guides

Valves & GuidesValves & Guides products like Swivel-Foot Valve Adjusting Screws help prevent valve stem wear and failure. These Adjusting Screws come with rocker stand shims included to accommodate added length.