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Carriers & Racks parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Carriers & Racks products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Carriers & Racks. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    Dorman's Spare Tire Carrier is resistant from corrosion because of the changing weather, and you are guaranteed that quality is delivered... more

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    ROOF RACK. One of the most popular, custom-fit accessories of the '60s and '70s is back again! Adds an authentic retro look to your Bus... more

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    Smittybilt offers a wide range of Jeep, truck and SUV body armor and accessories so you can have an easy time customizing your off-road... more

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    ALUMINUM VAN LADDER. Aluminum Van Ladders give you quick, safe access to your van's roof top storage solutions! Manufactured from lightweight... more

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    Smittybilt offers a wide range of Jeep parts and accessories so you can have an easy time customizing your ride. Quality is found in each... more

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    Made from lightweight and rigid materialAnodized finish for sharp and shining lookUV stabilized glass-reinforced nylon cornersEasy installationThis... more


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    SPARE TIRE RELOCATOR. Bolts to OE door mounts. This Spare Tire Relocator from Rampage is designed to raise and extend rear spare location... more

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    Prefer a closed cargo box system over an open roof rack? A very stylish Rhino-Rack Master-Fit Cargo Box will get the job done. Have a positive... more

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Carriers and Racks from JC Whitney’s vast collection help minimize annoying rattles by securing your cargo in place and provide you with out-of-the-way storage space. Our assortment of Carriers and Racks includes Roof Racks, Roof Carriers, Cargo Carriers, Hitch Carriers and Hitch Accessories that are strong and corrosion resistant and prevent load from slipping.

JC Whitney also stocks Bike Racks and Bike Carriers from popular brands like, Thule®, Hidden Hitch™, Masterbuilt and Acar to help hold your bikes securely and also make them easily accessible. Carriers and Racks like Door Racks and Spare Tire Carriers are safe, stable and easy to operate, and are available from best brands in the market like Go Rhino and Omix Ada®. You can also pick Bed Racks, Cab Racks and more from renowned brands like, Delta, Proline, Carr, Darby and EMPI.


Carriers & Racks

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  More Storage and Utility with Carriers and Racks
Types of Carriers & Racks
More Storage and Utility with Carriers and Racks

JC Whitney carries a variety of Cargo Carriers, Ladder Racks, Cargo Racks and Roof Racks that will help create more storage space in your vehicle. You can easily attach these Carriers and Racks onto your vehicle. These Racks and Carriers are designed to minimize road noise and provide secure storage space in your vehicle. Our collection includes Bed and Cab Racks, Bike Racks and Carriers, Cargo Carriers, Hitch Carriers and Accessories, Roof Rack and Carriers and Spare Tire Carriers.

Bed Racks and Cab Racks help create more storage capacity in your truck and can be attached easily to your truck bed. They can be easily removed to provide instant access to the truck bed. You can choose Bike Racks and Carriers that help hold your bikes securely. They also make mounting/dismounting of bikes extremely convenient.

Cargo Carriers come with a rubber sleeve that protects the paint on your vehicle. They are strong and extremely functional. You can select Hitch Carriers and Accessories that are must when carrying cargo that could ruin the interior of vehicle.

Roof Rack and Carriers are the perfect solution for adding storage space to your vehicle. You can also find Spare Tire Carriers that add a custom look and securely hold any 4 or 5-lug wheel.

Types of Carriers & Racks

Bed Racks & Cab Racks

Bed Racks & Cab RacksBed Racks and Cab Racks from JC Whitney ensure secure storage for your gear in your full-size pickup. They are made using heavy-duty tubular steel and have black powder-coated finish, which makes them rust resistant. They come with a unique round-tube design that minimizes road noise. These Racks are easy to install and can be removed easily to allow full access to the truck bed.

You can also get Ladder Racks from JC Whitney to create a unique storage system with a unique bedrail attachment system that quickly expands to store cargo up to 30 inches wide. We also stock Clamp-on Ladder Racks, Truck Ladder Racks and Sawhorse Racks for your storage needs.

Bike Racks & Carriers

Bike Racks & CarriersBike Carriers and Racks from JC Whitney give you more convenience and storage space. You can get a wide variety of accessories such as Hitch Mount Carriers, Rack Mount Carriers, Specialized Mount Carriers and Tire Mount Carriers. Hitch Mount Carriers allow you to load and unload your bike effortlessly.

Tire Mount Bike Carriers allow complete adjustment of bike position and can be folded down after use for easy storage. We also stock Tire Mount Carriers that can be used to strap onto any exterior-mount spare tire to ensure a secure fit.

Cargo Carriers

Cargo CarriersCargo Carriers from JC Whitney are available for your truck, van, Jeep® and SUV. These multi-purpose Carriers can be used to store and haul a variety of cargo. These Cargo Carriers are strong and durable.

Hitch Carrier & Accessories

Hitch Carrier & AccessoriesHitch Carriers from JC Whitney help carry and store bulky cargo safely in your vehicle. They come with a variety of accessories to ensure road safety. Hitch Haul® Carriers and Accessories are especially designed to hold up to 150 pounds of cargo.

Hitch Carriers keep your cargo in place, ensure visibility to other drivers when the cargo blocks the taillights and keep out weather and dust.

Roof Rack & Carriers

Roof Rack & CarriersJC Whitney stocks Roof Racks that are ideal for storing luggage and can be attached easily to your luggage rack or rooftop. You can choose different types of Roof Racks like Aerodynamic Roof Racks for vans and off-road vehicles.

Carriers from JC Whitney are a safe and secure way to carry gear atop your vehicle. They are portable, foldable, lightweight and extremely easy to use.

Spare Tire Carriers

Spare Tire CarriersSpare Tire Carriers from JC Whitney enable you to secure the spare tire in your vehicle safely in place. These Spare Tire Carriers are available for tires of various sizes and they can be easily retrieved in case of a flat tire.

You can get Spare Tire Carriers that can hold tires of up to 39 inches without any rattles. We also stock Sport Racks that can handle up to 400 pounds of cargo on the highway and 150 pounds while off-roading.