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Priced from: $818.85 Product Number: UNDTO73151
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Priced from $818.85
Product Number: UNDTO73151

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Undercover Classic Tonneau Cover

  • With all installation hardware and guide
  • Sturdy nylon pull strap that helps in closing the cover
  • With LED light using the self-contained battery
  • Durable quick release struts for easier cover removal without tools
  • Hydraulic lift shocks, dual stainless steel locks, and over-the-tailgate
  • No drilling required - uses concealed clamp hardware
  • Constructed from light but durable ABS composite material
  • Has wall mount hardware to keep your garage free from mess when the cover is removed
  • Quick release hardware for simple removal and storage
  • The lightest hard-shell tonneau cover in the market
  • Comes with Weatherproof Twist-Locks that let you to open the cover with or without a key

Undercover Tonneau Cover is the new benchmark hard tonneau covers with patented design and unmatched strength and robustness at a fraction of the weight and cost of fiberglass tonneaus covers.

Undercover specializes on truck bed covers and had consistently remained as one of the dominant dealers in the aftermarket industry. All of the tonneau covers are manufactured in the USA using first-class technology and state-of-the-art tools. They make use 3D CAD engineering to achieve and create innovative design not only for exact fitment, but also match the appearance of newer truck models and remain low profile. Each tonneau cover is precision-machined to stay consistent and provide ultimate functionality.



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