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Take a look at our selection of Clutches & Parts products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Clutches & Parts. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    Crown Automotive is renowned for manufacturing the highest quality OEM replacement parts for Jeeps from 1942 to the present model year more

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    Replacing a worn out old clutch? Don’t forget to replace both your throw out bearing (release bearing) and your pilot bearing while... more

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    SACHS CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER. Replaces original worn out broken part perfectly with no modifications necessary. Exceeds OE specifications... more

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    ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate. Gives 20 to 50% increased in clamp load. Stock to moderate pedal feel. 100% computer balanced and pré... more

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    UNIVERSAL CLUTCH ADJUSTER. Dorman Universal Clutch Adjuster are the ideal spare part or product of choice if it is time to replace those... more

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    Hays Clutch Cable. Low friction cable with tough metal fittings plus. Adjustable fork end for precise modification of clutch release and... more

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Clutches & Parts from JC Whitney’s wide collection of Transmission & Drivetrain parts help enhance the reliability and performance of your vehicle. Clutch Discs help stop clutch chatter, jerky starts and increases the transmission life of your vehicle. Clutch Release Bearings from our selection ensure longer life of your vehicle’s clutch parts. Our huge assortment of Clutches & Parts also includes Cables & Adjusters, Disk & Plate Sets, Throwout Arms & Bearings, Heavy-Duty Spring-Center Clutch Discs, Pressure Plate Assemblies, Heavy-Duty Clutch Release Bearings and Clutch Release Bearings. You can opt for Clutches & Parts from popular brands like Roush Performance, Bugpack and Dee Engineering.


Clutches & Parts

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  Boost Your Vehicle Performance with Clutches & Parts!
Types of Clutches & Parts
Boost Your Vehicle Performance with Clutches & Parts!

Clutches & Parts from JC Whitney help you get rid of jerky starts and increase the transmission life of your vehicle. They also enhance reliability and ensure longer life of your vehicle's clutch parts. You can choose from strong reliable Clutches & Parts like Cables & Adjusters, Disk & Plate Sets and Throwout Arms & Bearings from our selection.

Disk & Plate Sets are designed specially for your air-cooled Volkswagens. They increase transmission life and also stop clutch chatter in your vehicles. Throwout Arms & Bearings are built for positive getaway and rapid acceleration. They help prevent clutch and transaxle failure caused by bent or broken fingers on throwout arm shafts. These ready-to-install kits are complete with all the hardware for easy installation.

Types of Clutches & Parts

Cables & Adjusters

Cables & AdjustersCables & Adjusters like Replacement Clutch Cables are designed specially for your '54-'79 Volkswagen Beetles, Super Beetles and Karmann Ghias. They make excellent replacements for old, worn and damaged originals in your vehicle's transmission. These Clutch Cables are prepacked and are ready to install.

Disk & Plate Sets

Disk & Plate SetsDisk & Plate Sets include Heavy-Duty Spring-Center Clutch Discs for positive getaway and rapid acceleration. They come ready to install and also replace originals perfectly. You can go for Heavy-Duty Porsche-Type Diaphragm Pressure Plates that are stronger than stock plates and give you more torque from clutch for racing, rallying and for heavy-duty on- or off-road use. They are built to give you longer service and are can be installed effortlessly in your vehicle's transmission.

Clutch Disc Assemblies have a flexible spring center with woven or molded lining that distribute torque load evenly for smooth action just like original equipment. Pressure Plate Assemblies are precision made to exact factory specifications and are accurately adjusted for positive clutch action.

High Performance Clutch Disc/Pressure Plate Sets use a hybrid disc design for increased torque capacity and are designed to provide the end user with smooth actuation and excellent wear characteristics without any higher pedal effort.

Throwout Arms & Bearings

Throwout Arms & BearingsThrowout Arms & Bearings like ready-to-install Heavy-Duty Clutch Release Bearings replace originals perfectly for efficient operation. They are specially designed for air-cooled Volkswagens to meet the demands of today's performance clutches. You can get Gland Nut Kits for your VW engines that make perfect replacement kits and include nuts, washers and dowel pins.

Clutch Release Bearings are exact duplicates of factory equipment and ensure longer life of all clutch parts. You can install them when replacing clutch or pressure plates of your air-cooled Volkswagens for a smooth, quieter operation. Heavy-Duty Clutch Throwout Arms are also available that have super strong shafts that are precision TIG welded and heat treated to resist failure.

You can also go for High-Performance Gland Nuts that come with a super-tough chrome-moly steel billet for greater strength and longer life. They have a large head that eliminates need for a washer and are virtually failure-proof. These Gland Nuts are complete with OE-style pilot shaft bearings for longer service life and are ideal for '61-79 VW 1200cc-1600cc air-cooled engines.