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Complete Replacement Parts

Take a look at our selection of Complete Replacement Parts products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Complete Replacement Parts. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    Crown Automotive is renowned for manufacturing the highest quality OEM replacement parts for Jeeps from 1942 to the present model year more

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    FIBERGLASS HOOD. Strong yet lightweight fiberglass. Replace original parts on Jeep vehicles perfectly. Reinforced at all edges and stress... more

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    PIVOT BRACKET. Shipped separately from factory. NOTE: SKU numbers ending in F are factory shipped and may take a little longer to reach... more

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    OMIX ADA REPLACEMENT WINDSHIELD HINGES. Now available, cast upper and lower windshield hinges for CJ5 and M38A1. These high quality factory... more

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    TAILGATE. Comes in black denim cover. With tailgate retainer bar, cargo cover and outer clips. Organized as a compelling industry partner... more

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Complete Replacement Parts from JC Whitney’s extensive collection of Auto Body Repair Parts help improve your vehicle’s appearance and restore its structural integrity. They make perfect replacements for your vehicle’s rusted or damaged parts. Our huge assortment of Complete Replacement Parts includes Body Side Panels, Doors, Fenders, Front Aprons, Filler Panels and Valance, Rear Filler and Apron Panels, Full Body, Quarter Panels, Replacement Hoods and Parts, Rocker Panels, Tailgates and Deck Lids, Vintage Jeep Replacement Brackets and Windshield Frame and Accessories. You can opt for these Complete Replacement Parts from popular brands like EMPI, Volant, Performance Accessories™, Go Industries and Tabco amongst many others.

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Complete Replacement Parts

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Panels For Any Part Of Your Vehicle!
Selecting Replacement Parts
Maintaining Complete Replacement Parts
Get Replacement Parts Without A Worry!

Do you want to change the look of your vehicle completely? Or has a major portion of your vehicle been damaged in an accident? You don't have to search for individual Auto Body Parts! At JC Whitney, you can get Complete Replacement Parts that help replace entire body sections.

Complete Replacement Parts are custom-made to fit your vehicle perfectly. They restore the original look of your vehicle and give it good structural integrity. These Body Repair Parts are made from super-strong, long-lasting materials that usually have a rust-resistant coating to keep them in good shape for years. You can choose these materials from a variety of finishes like matt, polished, die-formed or powder-coated for a customized look. Some of the panels can be easily installed while others may require professional help.

Some of the Complete Replacement Parts available are - Body Side Panels that give the sides of your vehicle extra protection and also a new, smart look. Fenders and Quarter Panels are custom-molded to fit perfectly over the contours of your vehicle. Apron, Filler Panels and Valance are usually rustproof to keep your vehicle strong and durable for years.

Rocker Panels protect the lower part of your vehicle from damage and corrosion caused by road debris. Damaged Hood and Tailgate sections can be easily restored with replacements at JC Whitney. We also stock Windshield Frames, Jeep® Replacement Brackets and other Auto Performance Accessories necessary for your vehicle.

Panels For Any Part Of Your Vehicle!

Body Side Panels

Body Side PanelsYou can enhance the original look of your vehicle and get extra on-road protection with Body Side Panels. They are available for all sides of your vehicle. Replacement Front and Side Panels are custom-made to fit as perfectly as the originals. Some of these panels come with a side step. You can also get Back and Corner Guard Units. They wrap tightly around your vehicle and are made of heavy-duty polished aluminum that will never rust or peel. You will need some professional help to install these Body Side Panels.


DoorsDamaged and worn out Doors can be replaced with Replacement Doors to restore your vehicle's structural integrity. These doors are available for both the passenger and driver sides and are shaped to fit exactly like the original. They are made from die-formed steel and are primer coated to prevent rust and corrosion. Replacement Doors have cutout holes to allow easy installation of door handles and other hardware.


FendersFenders protect the wheels and tires of your vehicle from on-coming rocks and debris. Some of them are specially designed to make your vehicle more aerodynamic. These fenders are usually made from die-formed, primer-coated heavy-duty steel. You can also get Fiberglass Fenders that are extremely durable and lightweight.

Custom-made Replacement Fenders especially for VWs help restore their original look and style. You can also get Inner fenders to restore the engine compartment. Front Fenders and Fender Skirts improve your vehicle's appearance and can be easily installed.

Front Aprons, Filler Panels and Valance

Front Aprons, Filler Panels and ValanceFront Aprons, Filler Panels and Valance are panels that cover up the delicate components of your vehicle and protect them from damage. They come in various shapes and designs and fit your vehicle perfectly. Filler Panels and Valance are usually made from heavy-duty materials to withstand heavy abuse. Filler panels are available for the front, center and sides of your vehicle.

Rear Filler and Apron Panels repair rusted and damaged sections easily. These panels also enhance the appearance of your vehicle and prevent further rust and corrosion. Rear Valance make your vehicle look as good as the original and help increase its resale value.

Full Body

Full BodyFull Body Panels make perfect replacements for the damaged body panels of your Jeep®. They are usually made of durable materials to withstand on-road impact. Fiberglass Full Body Panels are strong yet lightweight and help reduce the body weight of your vehicle. Complete Body Mounting Kits include all the necessary hardware to make installation and restoration of your vehicle trouble-free.

Quarter Panel

Quarter PanelReplacement Quarter Panels are made from specially formed 20-gauge steel and are primer-coated to prevent rust formation. Custom-fit Rear Quarter Panels help restore your vehicle's original look and increase its resale value. Installation of these panels will require some trimming and drilling.

Replacement Hoods and Parts

Replacement Hoods and PartsThe Hood of your vehicle shields all the engine components from damage in case of a collision. Rusted and dented Hoods need to be replaced with heavy-gauge Replacement Hoods. They are custom-molded to fit your vehicle and come with cutout holes for easy mounting of other hardware. You can also select Fiberglass Hoods that are strong yet lightweight to withstand heavy impact while on the road.

Hood Stiffeners are rigid steel supports that strengthen the weak areas of your hood. You can prevent and correct any damage to your Hood with Hood Stiffeners. We also have Replacement Hoods that are especially made for your VW.

Tailgates and Deck lids

Tailgates and Deck lidsTailgate Lids and Deck lids are shaped and contoured for a perfect fit. They are made from die-formed steel or fiberglass to provide good on-road security. These panels are easy to install and have cutout holes for mounting of other hardware. Replacement Rear Deck lids are custom-shaped to fit your VW, Beetle or Super Beetle.

Vintage Jeep® Replacement Brackets

Vintage Jeep® Replacement BracketsVintage Jeep® Replacement Brackets are available for all parts of your Jeep®. You can replace old worn out and rusted Jeep® Brackets with the latest black powder-coated Brackets. These Brackets will add a sleek, stylish look to your Jeep®.

Windshield Frame and Accessories

Windshield Frame and AccessoriesWindshield Frames are made from heavy-gauge steel and easily replace originals. Windshield Brackets, Windshield Tie-Down Kits and other Replacement Windshield Accessories fit perfectly over existing holes without any extra drilling. They are available in a variety of finishes and colors.

Selecting Replacement Parts

You need to select Complete Replacement Parts that fit well with the rest of your vehicle. Make sure the material of the Replacement Part is similar to the original. Complete Replacement Parts are available in heavy-duty steel, aluminum and chrome materials. Fiberglass Replacement Parts are also available if you want to reduce the body weight of your vehicle. These materials come in a variety of finishes - matt, polished, powder-coated and many more.

Once you have selected the Replacement Parts make sure you maintain them properly to keep them in shape for years. Some of these Replacement Parts can be installed at home while you may need professional help with certain other body parts as they have a complicated installation procedure.

Maintaining Complete Replacement Parts

It is essential to replace damaged Body Repair Parts to prevent further damage to your vehicle's framework. Once you have replaced them you need to take care of your vehicle to keep it looking sleek for years. Washing and waxing your vehicle can prevent rust and corrosion of these Replacement Parts. Clean your vehicle regularly to prevent buildup of damaging chemicals and dirt that could make your vehicle look old and worn out. Use mild cleaning products and follow all manufacturer's instructions to keep your vehicle looking show room new and get better on-road protection.

Replacement Accessories like Jeep® Brackets, Windshield Brackets and other hardware also require equal care. They should be occasionally checked to ensure that they are tightly fit. Oiling these accessories will keep them functioning well for years. Loose Brackets and Hood and Window Accessories need to be changed immediately.