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This is another of our 3rd generation mount systems, which means that it is interchangeable with any of the 2010 TechMounts. We were able to combine the Metric and Harley-Davidson Control Mounts into one mount kit. Control Mounts are the most universal system because almost all motorcycle have either (two 6mm) or ( two ¼ inch) bolts that hold the controls in place and that is all that’s needed to use this mount. This kit is available in anodized black or brilliant chrome. So unless you are fitting a BMW or some Ducati models, this will fit. It’s a great choice for non-tubular handlebars or other hard to fit models. The only real decision is Chrome or Black. Having no need for a shaft, means the most compact mounting possible. Accessory shafts and holders are available to add even more mounting flexibility.

New Wider Base Design: .750” (19mm)instead of .625” (16mm).

•Fits all models with either 6mm or ¼” control hardware.(Using the supplied bolts and spacers)

•Provides more clamping force without distorting or damaging the controls. Allows a safe mounting platform for even the heaviest GPS devices.

New Side Grip/Pin Design:

•Allows 360° of rotation without removing any part of the mount. Much easier to make small adjustments with the device in place.

•Improved rotational grip (no unwanted side to side movement).

•Allows the entire upper portion of the mount to be removed easily by removing one bolt and then installed onto another bike or stored for later use.

•Customer can purchase just the base for another bike and move the GPS or other accessory from bike to bike easily. Less expensive (more desirable) for the customer with multiple bikes.

Inter-locking Pivot Design:

•Makes the mount more compact. No shaft required.

•No slippage over rough terrain.

•Inter-locking pin acts as a shear pin in the event of an accident. Allow the device to move out of the way without being lost.

Round Top Plate:

•More compact, allows less plate showing with device installed.

•Always straight, no angles to clash with the device cradle alignment.

•Center and off-set mounting holes, allows the top plate to be mounted centered or off-set as well as to be rotated 360° independently from the rest of the mount.

•Safer, no sharp angles.

•Has built in counter-rotation pin for added security. Won’t droop or sag over rough terrain.

•Pre-drilled with the industry standard 4 hole mounting pattern (AMPs) and a camera thumbscrew hole.

New Hybrid Shaft Design:

•Combines pivot shaft strength with ball/socket flexibility.

•Simpler to install.

•All shafts have counter-rotation pins for added security.

•Sold as an accessory, means that the customer can add this later.

•One shafts fits all 2010 TechMounts, makes selling extension shafts less confusing.

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