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Off-road driving doesn’t have to leave your body battered. To make things comfortable and safe during these trips, invest in the products offered by Corbeau. JC Whitney offers a wide range of suspension seats and harnesses made by this brand to make your trips more enjoyable. Just pick what you need and we’ll take care of shipping them straight to your billing address.

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    CORBEAU SEAT BRACKET. Installation brackets custom fit for all Corbeau seats. Fits factory holes in floor pan. more


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No matter how tough you are, the impact dealt by driving through rough roads can take a toll on your body. So to avoid having to experience aches and pains after every trip, consider changing your vehicle’s seats to something more efficient and comfortable. This is what Corbeau specializes on.

Corbeau is a brand that’s known for its specialized suspension seats. This components help minimize the impact dealt to you whenever you pass through rough terrain. As a result, you won’t have to deal with any aches and pains afterwards. On top of suspension seats, Corbeau also offers brackets and harness belts to help provide added security for you and your passengers. Now to ensure that these Corbeau Performance Parts last long, each one is made from high-grade materials. So no matter how rough it gets, you’re assured that these seats won’t break down quickly. Aside from that, these Corbeau Parts are designed to match the specifications of most vehicle makes and models. By doing this, Corbeau Automotive makes installing these components fast and easy. The direct-fit design also eliminates the need for you to make any changes to their product’s structure.

Even if you’re tough enough to take the impact dealt to you while driving through rough terrain, regular exposure can take a toll on you. So invest in the products made by Corbeau by ordering what you need at JC Whitney. By doing this, you won’t have to feel like you’ve been beat up after every off-road trip.