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Product #: 19756G Brand: Covercraft See Product Details
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Priced from: $34.47 - $120.59 Choose Product Option
Priced from: $34.47 - $120.59 Choose Product Option

Product Details

Product Information

  • Integrated protective air intake screens does not have loose pieces inside that may rub-off paint surface
  • With covered aluminum tabs for fender well adjustment when vinyl expands and contracts caused by alteration of temperature
  • Designed with a reinforced air foils that prevent flapping and lift
  • Breathable vinyl construction with micro-perforated finish and soft-protective backing
  • Overlapped seams with sturdy top stitch and edges are covered with soft, non-abrasive felt-rimmed bindings
Don't let your front-end get beaten-up! Equip it with its needed protection, use Covercraft Front-End Mask! This excellent mask or car bra protects the leading edge of your car hood and the painted areas around the grille against road abuse. Offered in multiple styles that you may choose from, Covercraft Front-End Masks are tailored to fit perfectly on your front-end, not only to protect it, but also to add a rugged style that you'll surely love!

Covercraft is the trusted name on custom automotive covers in the car industry. With its "Crafted2Fit" trademark, Covercraft is renowned for their premium quality products that provide reliable protection at affordable prices.

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