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Coverking Seat Covers & Coverking Car Covers

Are you looking for the most affordable Coverking products in the aftermarket? Here at our site, we offer you excellent deals that perfectly fit even tight budgets. Take advantage of a guaranteed one-year warranty for every item you purchase. Browse through our selection of Coverking accessories and pick the right product for you. Our Coverking products come with the lowest prices and the best value.


Coverking - Proudly Made in the USA

Coverking was founded in Southern California by an Industrial and Electrical Engineer who worked in Southern California's Aerospace Defense industry. The experience and knowledge acquired over decades of work on the most sophisticated defense weapons systems was applied to the relatively backward industry of cut-and-sew custom automotive accessories.

The accuracy and precision of the CAD and CAM systems led to previously unattainable levels of pattern quality, and the automation created efficiencies which allowed Coverking to produce better fitting product, in a fraction of the time, that cost less than the competition.

Today quality, technology, and service are the basis of all product lines and have led to stellar Customer Satisfaction.

We know you'll be impressed!


Car covers from JC Whitney are guaranteed to provide the protection that your vehicle needs against harmful elements. We stock up only on top-notch quality products from some of the best brands in the aftermarket such as Coverking.

To know the difference between a regular car cover and a Coverking Car Cover, you need to look at even the smallest details. Coverking is not only known for offering some of the most innovative designs in the aftermarket, it is also recognized for their use of technologically-advanced raw materials. Here at our site, you can surely find a reliable Coverking Stormproof Car Cover that’s more than capable of protecting your vehicle from the harshest weather conditions. Stormproof car covers are resistant to practically all kinds of harmful element such as water, sun, ice and dust. The product is sewn with overlapping seams, making it resistant to leaks. Additionally, the fabrics used for crafting Coverking Car Covers are breathable in order to prevent moisture from getting trapped underneath them. This saves your vehicle’s body paint from rust and corrosion. Designed to be extremely durable, these car covers remain as resistant to the elements as the day they rolled off the factory. To top it all off, these covers are available in various designs and colors so you can pick one that suits your personality.

A car cover can keep your vehicle in pristine condition by protecting it from the elements that can inflict damage to its exterior. Here at our site, we take great pride in supplying you with the best car cover brands in the industry including Coverking.