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DashMat parts and accessories

For amazing deals on high-quality DashMat accessories, click on through to the JC Whitney catalog today! Our online store offers topnotch DashMat items at guaranteed low prices. We offer these products at up to 50 percent less than its list price on other sites. What’s more is that we offer safe and speedy product delivery. So get your DashMat accessories from our site now!

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Priced From: $31.52
Custom Fit

Cover up an old dash or protect a new one! Dashmat Original Dashboard Cover helps reduce window glare plus it improve you travel. Covercraft... Read more

Priced From: $31.52
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If there’s anything that DashMat has taught thousands of drivers worldwide, it’s that there’s an easy way to keep their vehicle cabins looking like new. For over 30 years, the brand has been creating and improving quality dashboard mats and custom-fit floor mats for various vehicle makes and models. These liners boost the cabin’s protection against damage caused by the sun’s heat and UV rays–thereby keeping vehicle interiors new-looking.

All those cracks and dry spots that show up on your dash aren’t just unsightly, they’re also telltale signs of your ride’s age. What DashMat covers do is they make sure your dash and vehicle floors are kept free from damage, thereby preserving your cabin’s good looks. What’s more is that these covers can also be used to give your ride a customized appearance. You see DashMat parts usually come in an assortment of designs, colors, and materials. This allows you to pick out accessories that will complement your cabin’s original styling. To guarantee product durability, DashMat also lines its products with a latex backing that helps these items retain their shape. So no matter how long you’ve been using the company’s accessories, you can be sure that they won’t break or tear easily.

So when it comes to preserving or even revolutionizing your cabin’s styling, you know you can’t go wrong when you invest in DashMat dashboard and floor covers. Keep your cabin looking like new by getting these accessories from JC Whitney today.


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