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DNJ parts and accessories

We pride ourselves on having the best selection of DNJ parts and accessories. Whether you are looking for universal or custom fit DNJ products, we have them all. Enter the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more custom selection of DNJ parts or choose from the list below.

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DNJ: Over 30 Years of Experience in Engine Components

DNJ takes pride in being the one-stop shop for consumers in the market for engine parts. A reputable brand that boasts decades of market experience and expertise, DNJ continues to become an integral part of the automotive industry. Its wide range of products, after all, brings the quality every consumer needs and deserves.

An all-American brand, DNJ provides an impressive catalog of engine parts that match an extensive line of models from domestic and Japanese automotive manufacturers, whether of cars or trucks. Its specialization in the said makes and models gives it a special role on the that other brands fail to fulfill or rather overlook. Over the years, DNJ stands firm in ensuring that its name becomes the brand most trusted when it comes to automotive engine kits and components.

Humble beginnings

Years of quality products and services define what DNJ is today. Its over three decades of experience paired with its never-ending commitment to deliver unparalleled parts and services give justice to its founders and leaders that helped push the brand closer to the people up until today.

On a mission to become the primary brand for automotive engine parts, DNJ continues to set up shop across the country, with branches already located in different states. To date, it has 20 distribution centers in the country. The distribution centers in Phoenix, Arizona and Charlotte, North Carolina are the latest additions to its number of centers, opening in April and March 2016, respectively.

With the numerous distribution centers in the country, DNJ stays true to its word of bringing its top-quality car and truck engine parts closer to the consumers and give them the quality, experience, and trust the brand is known for.

Formula for success

What is DNJ's secret? It is the sheer determination to always deliver engine parts that boast OEM quality and to give everyone access to these products. It also helps that the brand has a more than 30 years in the business, giving it enough time to truly master the craft of manufacturing these parts.

DNJ's dedication is also reflected by its ISO 9001, ISO 9002, and QS 9000 certifications, all of which proving that the brand meets and even exceeds the standards in the industry. By making sure that its catalog of parts match thousands of makes and models on the market today, DNJ effectively fortifies its reputation of being the go-to name for high-quality domestic and Japanese engine parts.

DNJ product lineup

DNJ's mission to be a one-stop source is not far from happening. With over 14,000 parts numbers in every distribution center in the country, this brand offers anything a customer asks for. Add to these the 3,000 engine kits also on board the DNJ product catalog.

The immense number of engine parts includes OEM-quality parts for cars and trucks. The kits also come with the necessary parts depending on the vehicle model. Consumers can expect to find the following components: pistons, oil pumps, water pumps, rings, lifters, valves, freeze plugs, engine bearings, timing belts, tensioners, rocker arm shafts, rocker arms, and camshafts.

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