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Dress-up & Chrome parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Dress-up & Chrome products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Dress-up & Chrome. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    SPECTRE OIL PAN ACCESSORIES AND DIP STICKS. And you thought there was nothing special about chrome engine parts. Speed by Spectre features... more

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    Replacement Oil Pan is your inexpensive replacement option for your rebuild and maintenance needs. An OE comparable product to replace... more

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    Motorcraft Oil Filler Cap. Constructed from specifically selected resources. Motorcraft Oil Filler Caps are constructed with the most up... more

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    SPECTRE VALVE COVERS. And you thought there was nothing special about chrome engine parts. Speed by Spectre features triple chrome plated... more

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Dress-up & Chrome accessories from JC Whitney’s assortment of Engine Parts can be used to brighten-up and enhance the looks of your engine. These Dress-up & Chrome accessories Arospeed, EMPI, APC and Scat help you customize your vehicle under the hood. Air Cleaners can be used to increase airflow for improved performance and allow your engine to breathe better for increased horsepower.

Oil Pans help prevent oil starvation during hard cornering, high speeds, heavy hauling or hot weather. Our huge collection of Dress-up & Chrome accessories also includes Complete Kits, Cooling, Electrical, Miscellaneous, Pulleys, Timing and Valve Covers. You can opt for Dress-up & Chrome accessories from leading brands like Scat, Venom, APC, Proform and AEM.


Dress-up & Chrome

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  Enhance the Looks of Your Engine
Types of Dress-Up & Chrome
Enhance the Looks of Your Engine

Dress-up & Chrome products from JC Whitney can be used to brighten-up and enhance the looks of your vehicle's engine. You can also find Air Cleaners that increase airflow to the engine for improved performance.

You can dress-up your engine with bright replacement hoses and organize and protect wiring, cables and small hoses with our range of products.

Miscellaneous products from JC Whitney replace originals perfectly. They also add a custom look. You can choose Oil Pans that improve performance on street or in competition. They help keep oil temperature down by increasing oil capacity.

Pulleys from our collection prevent injuries; add a sleek and custom look. They come threaded for better performance. You can also find Valve Covers that dress-up your vehicle's engine for a high-performance look. They are great to use while quieting engine noise and dissipating heat.

You can also choose Complete Kits and Timing products from renowned brands available at JC Whitney.

Types of Dress-Up & Chrome

Air Cleaners

Air CleanersAir Cleaners from JC Whitney add the finishing touch to your engine. You can select Chrome-Plated Low-Profile Air Cleaners that help increase horsepower. You can choose from 2 custom-fit sizes with paper and foam element for carburetor. They come with filter included.

Complete Kits

Complete KitsComplete Dress up Kits from JC Whitney replace originals perfectly. These custom-fit, dress up Kits are designed specifically for your vehicle. You can choose Chrome-Plated Engine Dress-Up Kits that brighten and enhance your engine. Made from top-quality materials, these Dress-up Kits are durable and long lasting. They are chromed and polished to a brilliant luster for good looks.


CoolingYou can dress-up your vehicle's engine with the help of Cooling Products from JC Whitney. They add great looks to your vehicle plus are reliable protection for your engine hoses. You can go for Cylinder Shrouds and Engine Hardware Kits that are perfect replacements for original. They also make great add-on accessories. They are available in two finishes - chrome and black.

Our collections of Cooling products also include Silicone Hose Dress-Up Kits, Stainless-Steel-Look Slip-On Hose Sleeves, Cool Tins And Engine Hardware Kit, Engine Tins and Chrome-Plated Water Necks.


ElectricalElectrical products from JC Whitney organize and protect wiring, cables and small hoses. You can choose Flexible Wire Looms that are great for making wiring harnesses. These Wire Looms are pre-slit for easy feeding of wire. They close securely after the wire is installed.

Taylor Flexible Wire Looms are made from polyethylene loom that withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees F. They are designed to resist gas, oil and chemicals. You can also match or add contrast to existing dress-up accessories with the help of these Wire Looms. These Wire Looms are molded in bright colors that won't fade or discolor. They help organize wires, cables and small hoses.


MiscellaneousMiscellaneous products from JC Whitney replace original perfectly. They also add a custom look to your vehicle. Some of these Miscellaneous products also protect your engine by keeping the sand out - extremely essential while off-roading.

You can go for Chromed Acorn-Style Engine Bolt Covers that add show-quality and dress-up styling to your vehicle's engine. These Bolt Covers are constructed from chrome-plated die-cast zinc for strength and durability. They feature hex-shaped covers that fit easily and securely over plain hex-head bolts.

Oil Filler Tubes and Caps replace originals perfectly. They feature polished Aluminum oil filler tubes that have brass side fittings.

Chromed Bolt and Washer Set, Chrome-Plated Dipsticks, Ribbed Oil Filler Cap, T-Bolt Clamp, Stainless Steel Firewall Kits and Billet Sand-Seal Dipstick are the various Miscellaneous products your can choose from our collection.

Oil Pans

Oil PansYou can select Oil Pans from JC Whitney that prevent oil starvation during hard cornering, high speeds, heavy hauling or hot weather. These Oil Pans increase bearing life. Our collections of Oil Pans include Chrome-Plated Oil Pans that customize and dress-up your V8. They are designed to stock factory dimensions to prevent clearance problems in the car or street rod.

Billet Oil Drain Plate Kits stop oil leaks that are caused due to stamped plates. These Kits are made from billet 6061-T6 aluminum making them durable and sturdy.


PulleysPulleys from JC Whitney help increase your vehicle's horsepower. You can opt for Crank Pulleys that are made from machined and polished aluminum for strength, durability and style.


TimingJC Whitney also stocks Timing products such as Chevrolet Billet-Style Cast Aluminum Timing Cover Kits that come with a ball-mill design - a definite difference from the all-chrome crowd. They are made from heavy-duty billet-style cast aluminum making them strong and durable. They are also polished to a brilliant luster giving them good looks. These Kits include a gasket seal and hardware for easy installation.

Valve Covers

Valve Covers Valve Covers from JC Whitney add eye-catching style to your engine compartment valve cover plates. These plates are designed to provide a perfect finish. You can opt for Finned Valve Cover Kits that feature a finned cast aluminum design that helps reduce head temperature and tappet noise. They come in a rigid construction which prevents warping and oil leaks.

You can choose Chrome-Plated Valve Covers, Twist-On And Push-In Type Chrome-Plated Oil Filler Caps, Rubber Grommet/Plugs, Chrome-Plated Push-In-Type Oil Breather Caps and Cast Aluminum Valve Cover Kits from our collection of Valve Covers.