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Evaporators parts and accessories

Don’t settle with your busted AC. You can find AC parts and car evaporator below to fix your car and revive its comfort value. With fast shipping service and customer friendly returns policies, you are sure to get the best service and assurance in your every purchase. Browse from our catalog below to find the best fit for your car.

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The human brain has its own way of ‘cooling’ the human emotions. In the limbic system that includes the hippocampus and the amygdala, the human emotions are regulated to keep one from going beyond the reservations. With the geeky sting aside, the car evaporator does a similar job for your air conditioning system, particularly in processing Freon to keep your car comfortable.

The car evaporator basically pulls the Freon to a vacuum where it becomes cold again after being compressed. Replacing the car evaporators will require you to go to the nearest EPA-licensed recycling unit to discharge the pressure in your AC. This cannot be done by yourself and is not legal to do anywhere else. After discharging, you can now remove the AC unit from under the dash in most cars. With some screws and housings removed, you can find the car evaporator from inside the AC unit.

You don’t have to be overemotional whenever your car evaporator fails. You can easily get the right parts for your busted AC here at JC Whitney online catalog. With an easy to use shopping interface, you can find high quality parts at the lowest prices without spending too much time. Have them delivered fast and get your car going without a sweat, pre- and post-repair. Order now!