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Exhaust and Emission parts from JC Whitney give your car, truck, Jeep® or SUV more power, an aggressive tone plus an awesome look! Our collection of Exhaust and Emission products include exhaust systems that are designed to reduce backpressure and increase exhaust flow, allowing your vehicle’s engine to perform better and breathe easier. JC Whitney’s collection of Exhaust and Emission products feature the direct-fit top-quality Catalytic Converters that are designed to control emissions and help your vehicle pass all local or state emission tests. We also stock Diesel Engine Brakes, Emission Control parts, Exhaust Installation Parts, Exhaust Pipes and Tubing, Exhaust Headers and Manifolds, Exhaust Tips, Mufflers, Replacement Exhaust Systems and Performance Exhaust Systems. You will find Exhaust and Emission products from popular brands such as Catco, Heartthrob, Gibson performance, Vortex and much more at JC Whitney.


Exhaust & Emissions

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  More Power, Aggressive Tone and Awesome Looks
Types of Exhaust & Emissions
More Power, Aggressive Tone and Awesome Looks

Exhaust & Emissions from JC Whitney reduce backpressure and increase exhaust flow, allowing your vehicle's engine to breathe easier and perform better. You can opt for Catalytic Converters that minimize pollution and maximize your vehicle's performance level. They help meet those tough emission standards by filtering toxic fumes emitting out of your vehicle's tailpipe.

Diesel Engine Brakes are reliable and great to use while traveling down steep grades or slowing down with a heavy load. You can reduce carbon residue for a cleaner and cooler running engine with the help of Emission Control products available at JC Whitney.

Exhaust Installation Parts help you upgrade your vehicle's exhaust system easily. You can customize your own exhaust system with the help of Exhaust Pipes & Tubing at our collection. These Exhaust Pipes & Tubing reduce the premature cracking of manifolds and down pipes extending the life of other components of your vehicle.

Exhaust Tips are designed for performance and power. These Exhaust Tips won't corrode or rust. They are also easy to install. You can also go for Headers & Manifolds that help your engine breathe better and operate more effectively. They offer maximum resistance to rust and corrosion.

Mufflers let your vehicle's engine breath freely improving power, performance and gas mileage. You can also find Performance Exhaust Systems and Replacement Exhaust Systems that increase your vehicle's horsepower and performance.

Types of Exhaust & Emissions

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic ConvertersPerformance Catalytic Converters maximize your vehicle's performance level and help reduce pollution.

Replacement Catalytic Converters improve fuel economy when used with a properly functioning engine system.

Diesel Engine Brakes

Diesel Engine BrakesDiesel Engine Brakes from JC Whitney provide safe, reliable load-holding power when traveling down steep grades or slowing down with a heavy load. These Diesel Engine Brakes are easy to install.

Emission Control

Emission ControlEmission Controls from JC Whitney enhance fuel combustion and restore original engine horsepower for maximum fuel efficiency. These Emission Controls also perfectly replace bad or contaminated original sensors.

Exhaust Installation Parts

Exhaust Installation PartsYou can choose Brackets, Clamps, Hangers & Flanges, Gaskets & Accessories Kits and Heat Shields & Insulation from our huge assortments of Exhaust Installation Parts from renowned brands to upgrade your vehicle's exhaust system.

Brackets are designed to withstand heat, seal tight and resist rust effectively. You can opt for Clamps, Hangers & Flanges that can endure extreme vibration and road shocks. They are made from heavy gauge steel for strength and durability.

Gaskets & Accessories Kits are made from strong high quality metals for durability and rigidity. You can choose Heat Shields & Insulation that keep exhaust gases hotter for faster exit. They also reduce excessive engine noise in the passenger area.

Exhaust Pipes & Tubing

Exhaust Pipes & TubingCrossover Pipes from our collection of Exhaust Pipes and Tubing provide a more free flow for additional horsepower. You can select Cutouts that offer your vehicle more power, higher speed and better gas mileage. These Cutouts are ideal when making custom exhaust systems.

Replacement Pipes increase the flow, horsepower and performance of your vehicle lost due to damaged or malfunctioning original parts.

Universal Pipes, Tubing & Flex-Pipes are perfect for custom exhaust systems, side pipes or dual set-ups. They are engineered to isolate vibration generated by the engine, thereby relieving stress on the entire exhaust system.

Exhaust Tips

Exhaust TipsYou can add a competition look to your vehicle with bright Exhaust Tips available at JC Whitney. These Exhaust Tips reduce even the loudest exhaust sound to a pleasant tone.

Headers & Manifolds

Headers & ManifoldsHeaders & Manifolds from JC Whitney such as Performance Headers are designed to help your engine breathe better and operate more effectively.

You can also choose Replacement Manifolds from our assortment of Headers and Manifolds that withstand extremely high temperatures and engine vibrations. Some of these Manifolds help reduce cylinder loads, exhaust temperatures and exhaust backpressure.


MufflersPerformance Mufflers from JC Whitney eliminate backpressure, improve performance and increase gas mileage. Some of these Performance Mufflers are designed for maximum sound control - deliver a low, distinctively powerful tone. They are made from top-quality materials and fit your vehicle perfectly.

Replacement Mufflers from JC Whitney rejuvenate your vehicle's performance and horsepower. They also withstand extreme vibration and road shocks.

Performance Exhaust Systems

Performance Exhaust SystemsOur collection of Performance Exhaust Systems include Cat-Back Dual Outlet Exhaust Systems, Cat-Back Single Outlet Exhaust Systems, Complete Dual Outlet Exhaust Systems, Complete Single Outlet Exhaust Systems and Custom Performance Exhaust Systems.

Cat-Back Dual Outlet Exhaust Systems help reduce backpressure allowing your vehicle's engine to "breathe" better ensuring more power, top performance and improved fuel economy. You can now improve acceleration and the passing and pulling power of your vehicle with the help of Cat-Back Single Outlet Exhaust Systems from our collection.

Complete Dual Outlet Exhaust Systems decrease exhaust restriction and backpressure providing increased horsepower and better fuel economy. You can also go for Complete Single Outlet Exhaust Systems that lessen backpressure, improve performance, ensure faster acceleration and increase gas mileage.

Custom Performance Exhaust Systems provide additional horsepower and produce a very aggressive sound level.

Replacement Exhaust Systems

Replacement Exhaust SystemsReplacement Exhaust Systems from JC Whitney restore your vehicle's horsepower and performance lost due to damaged or malfunctioning parts. These Replacement Exhaust Systems are made from high-quality materials making them durable and strong ensuring dependable service.