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Exhaust Installation Parts

Take a look at our selection of Exhaust Installation Parts products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Exhaust Installation Parts. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    These flanges are precision formed and built to the highest quality standards. They prevent leaks and allow for exhaust pipe port matching... more

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    PIPE PLUGS. Available in Allen and socket head. Edelbrock has six manufacturing facilities in the United States and is continuously growing... more

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    Hooker Universal Header Reducer. Gives out maximum protection with the help of its high grade. Hooker has helped many racers throughout... more

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    HEADER TO MUFFLER BOLT KIT. This Grade 5 header bolt kit has self-locking nuts to hold your exhaust system securely to your headers. Stover... more

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    REPLACEMENT EXHAUST HANGER. Hardware included. Shipped separately from factory. NOTE: SKU numbers ending in F are factory shipped and may... more

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    REPLACEMENT EXHAUST INSULATOR. Hardware included. Shipped separately from factory. NOTE: SKU numbers ending in F are factory shipped and... more

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    Omix Universal Header Bolt. Bring back the original performance of your Jeep's exhaust system by installing Omix Universal Header Bolt.... more

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    EXHAUST HEADER REDUCER. For use with RPC exhaust header kits only (sold separately). Shipped separately from factory. NOTE: SKU numbers... more

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Exhaust Installation Parts from JC Whitney’s extensive collection of Exhaust and Emission parts help you upgrade your vehicle’s exhaust system easily. Our assortment of Exhaust Installation Parts includes Brackets, Clamps, Gaskets and Exhaust Accessories that look good, withstand heat, seal tight and resist rust effectively. We also stock super strong Exhaust Hangers and Flanges that ensure easy mounting, secure installation and positioning of any Exhaust.Exhaust Installation Parts like Heat Shields and Insulations resist heat and help provide you with maximum safety against burns while working. You can opt for all these high-performance Exhaust Installation Parts and more from most popular brands in the market like Proform, DEI, Thunderbird, EMPI and Omix Ada®.

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Exhaust Installation Parts

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  Upgrade Your Vehicle's Exhaust System
Types of Exhaust Installation Parts
Upgrade Your Vehicle's Exhaust System

Exhaust Installation Parts from JC Whitney help you upgrade your vehicle's exhaust system. You can opt for Brackets that withstand heat, seal tight and resist rust effectively.

Clamps, Hangers & Flanges from our collection withstand extreme vibration and road shocks. You can now customize your vehicles' exhaust with the help of Gaskets & Accessories available at JC Whitney.

You can also find Heat Shields & Insulation that increase horsepower, retains heat in header and exhaust pipe for greater exhaust velocity and reduced back pressure.

Types of Exhaust Installation Parts


BracketsYou can go for Super Competition Power Steering Pump Brackets from our collection of Brackets that are made from high quality materials making them strong, durable and rugged. These Brackets are easy to install.

Clamps, Hangers & Flanges

Clamps, Hangers & FlangesClamps, Hangers & Flanges from JC Whitney are designed to resist heat, rust and corrosion. You can choose Customizing Exhaust Pipe Flanges that are made from heavy gauge steel for strength and durability. They can be easily welded or brazed to pipes.

You can also select Exhaust Clamps - Stainless Steel Band Style, Exhaust and Muffler Clamps - Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel, Exhaust Hanger - Multi Position, Clamp-A-Stud, Muffler Clamps - Stainless Steel and Chromed Exhaust Tips Installation Kit from our collection of Clamps, Hangers and Flanges.

Gaskets & Accessories

Gaskets & AccessoriesGaskets & Accessories from JC Whitney such as Complete 8-Piece Exhaust Nut Kits contain eight 12mm copper exhaust nuts. These Kits are designed for 49-79 air-cooled Volkswagens.

Header Reducer Kits are made from strong 14-gauge 409 stainless steel tubing with welded joints for durability. These Kits include 2 reducers, 2 gaskets and hardware for easy installation.

Heat Shields & Insulation

Heat Shields & InsulationUHeat Shields & Insulation from JC Whitney help reduce excessive engine noise in the passenger area of your vehicle. You can opt for Exhaust Wraps that keep exhaust gases hotter for faster exit. These Exhaust Wraps reduce engine compartment temperatures up to 50% for improved performance.