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Fabric Seat Covers parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Fabric Seat Covers products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Fabric Seat Covers. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    Made from premium quality materialAdds the greatest comfort, durability, and protectionBuilt-in padded bolsters and lumber supportUniversal... more


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    Made of 100% Polyester and provide an original factory look with a ultra-soft feel. These seat covers provide a plush material with a luxurious... more

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    Designed to make your driving experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible. These seat covers are made from a 100% space-knit material... more

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    Coverking's Poly-Cotton seat covers combine the comfort, style, and natural feel of 100 percent pure cotton with the durability of polyester... more

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    Crafted from rich, 100% Polyester material that provides a smooth, supple, velvet-like finish similar to that of Suede leather while being... more

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    This strong woven fabric is 100% Polyolefin and can withstand extreme activities. Tweed seat covers give you a classic pattern that combines... more

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Fabric Seat Covers from JC Whitney’s assortment of Seat Covers, Protection, Upholstery & Cushions will give your vehicle’s interior a complete luxury upgrade! Fabric Seat Covers are a great way to add a new look to old factory-original seats or protect existing newer seats against wear and tear.

Our collection of Fabric Seat Covers includes Custom Fit Fabric Seat Covers that protect your seat against wear and tear. You can also choose Seat Covers from our range of Semi Custom Fit Fabric Seat Covers and Universal Fit Fabric Seat Covers that are made from long lasting high-quality fabric material guaranteed to compliment the interior of your vehicle.

Fabric Seat Covers come in a range of materials like acrylic, soft velour, canvas, cotton and sheep skin. We stock Fabric Seat Covers from popular brands such as NFL, Coverking®, Bestop®, Allison and Elegant.


Fabric Seat Covers

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  Cozy Comfort With Fabric Seat Covers!
Types of Fabric Seat Covers
How To Choose The Right Material For Your Fabric Seat Cover
Tips To Keep Fabric Seat Covers Looking New
Cozy Comfort With Fabric Seat Covers!

Fabric Seat Covers provide comfort and add style while protecting and beautifying your vehicle's interiors. These Covers protect the seats against wear and tear, hide stains and damage in the factory seats and provide cozy comfort to the passengers. If any part of your vehicle's seat is damaged, you just need to cover it with a durable Fabric Seat Cover instead of reupholstering the entire seat. Fabric Seat Covers are made using the most luxurious fabrics to provide extra comfort for the passengers and keep the interiors of your vehicle looking great. The selection of Fabric Seat Covers available at JC Whitney includes High Back and Low Back Bucket Seat Covers, Saddle Blanket Seat Covers and Seat Cover Accessories. You can choose a Seat Cover style, color and fabric that best suits your taste with the Design-Your-Own-Seat Cover selector. Fabric Seat Covers are available in convenient Custom-fit, Semi-Custom fit and Universal sizes. You can choose from a selection of exciting designs such as colorful flames design and the Eagle and USA flag design. These cozy and comfortable Seat Covers come in a variety of rich and luxurious fabrics such as Tweed, Denim, Canvas, Poly-Cotton, Sheepskin Fleece and Velour. Easy to clean and maintain, Fabric Seat Covers are ideal for the on-the go individual looking for both style and convenience.

Types of Fabric Seat Covers

Custom Fit Fabric Seat Covers

Custom Fit Fabric Seat CoversCustom Fit Seat Covers fit snugly around the contours of your vehicle's seats without any wrinkles or creases. They are available in a wide variety of fabrics and designs. Custom fit deluxe Tweed Seat Covers come with a Vinyl trim, stand up to beating and is great value for money. Plush Soft Velour Seat Covers have a luxurious look and feel to them. These Seat Covers are durable, UV resistant and have double-stitched seams.

Custom fit Jeep® Seat Covers are made using vinyl-coated, knit-backed fabrics that are highly durable. You can also choose luxurious diamond-pattern velour Seat Covers that are not only comfortable, but also have a wrinkle-free fit.

Universal Fit Fabric Seat Covers

Universal Fit Fabric Seat CoversUniversal Seat Covers are stylish, comfortable and offer maximum protection for your vehicle seats. They are available in a variety of durable fabrics and exciting designs such as denim, velour, tweed and sheepskin. You can get plush Velour Seat Covers that help keep your Bucket Seats looking as good as new. These Seat Covers come with bright silk-screened flame designs that are sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle's interiors.

You can dress up your Car Seat Cover in denim with stonewashed Denim Seat Covers. These trendy and durable Seat Covers do not shrink and are fade-resistant.

Sheepskin Fleece Seat Covers are ideal for any season as they keep you cool during summer and warm in winter. These Seat Covers fit high back or low back seats and can be installed easily with straps.

How To Choose The Right Material For Your Fabric Seat Cover

Choosing the right material for your Fabric Seat Cover can be quite a task. Here is a list of features of different Seat Cover fabrics available that will help you choose a Seat Cover that suits your needs perfectly:


Sheepskin keeps you cool during summer and warm in winter, because of the breathable texture of wool. They are extremely soft and provide a comfortable cushion of air that acts as a temperature insulator. Sheepskin is also good for your vehicle's seats. The natural lanolin in sheepskin will improve the durability of leather seats overtime; making sheepskin seat covers a great investment.


The greatest advantage of Velour is that it combines the smooth and silky feel of velvet with the durability of cotton. It is tough and durable and is less expensive compared to denim and sheepskin. Plush velour seat covers keep you warm and comfortable during wintry days.


The unique blend of polyester and cotton gives you the best of both fabrics in an affordable, attractive and easy-to-clean material. Poly-Cotton combines the soft texture of cotton with the protection of polyester. If your vehicle's seats take the brunt from spilled drinks and leftover food, Poly-Cotton Seat Covers should be your choice as they can be easily cleaned and hung out to dry.


Canvas is a strong fabric with a cotton-like soft texture. This is an ideal fabric if you prefer low-maintenance Seat Covers. If your Canvas Seat Cover ever gets dirty, you can simply wash it in the washing machine and hang it out to dry.

Tips To Keep Fabric Seat Covers Looking New

Fabric Seat Covers are extremely easy to maintain, as they are machine-washable. To keep Seat Covers looking new, it is important to take care of those accidental spills by using soft cotton and water to wipe the stain away. This will prevent any residue from sticking to the covers and doing long-term damage. If you want to ensure a dust-free interior, it is important to vacuum the seats regularly to take care of dust and dry spills. You can choose a Seat Cover that comes with a UV-resistant coating to prevent fading and sun damage.