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Looking for superb-quality timing belts? You are at the right site! Included in our wide array of auto and truck parts and accessories are best-rated timing belts for you to choose from. We make great customer service our priority, so anytime you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call our toll-free hotline. Our timing belts are also covered by our low price guarantee!

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While timing chains are more durable, many car makers use timing belts instead. The main reason for this is, chains cost more and are noisier than belts. The task of these belts is to turn the engine camshaft at precisely half the speed of the crankshaft without affecting its precise alignment. Because of their task and the material used in their construction, which is usually high grade rubber, timing belts are among the most replaced engine components. Your car manual will tell you when to replace your ride’s belt.

There are two types of engine that employ timing belts – interference engines and non-interference engines. On the first type of engine, there’s a tendency that the belt will self destruct when it slips even a notch. It may also damage the valves and the pistons severely. On the latter type however, the engine automatically shuts down when the belt slips so the damage won’t be that serious.

Whenever you need replacement timing belts, this is the perfect place to shop. With our extensive selection of auto and truck parts and accessories, we sure have the timing belt that fits your needs and your budget. Yes, we even have fan belts and other auto and truck parts and accessories. So browse our catalog now, take your pick, and place your order.

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