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Product #: FIRAI53882 Brand: Firestone See Product Details
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Priced from: $47.58 - $89.21 See Product Choices
Priced from: $47.58 - $89.21 See Product Choices
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  • Perfect for inflating tires or air suspension when combined with an air compressor, (sold separately)
  • Firestone earned TS 16949 ISO Quality Certification + environmental management certified ISO 14001
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to suit your specific needs and/or space requirements
  • Interior and exterior corrosion-resistant coating
  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J10 rated

An easier way to make adjustments to your air springs is with an on-board air tank along with an additional compressor, instead of relying on unreliable gas stations to get the job done. Firestone air tanks are universally designed to work with Firestone air springs and all other brands as well. Over 75 years ago Firestone designed and then patented the very first air spring. Fast forward to now and Firestone remains the number one selling air spring manufacturer in the world. With a strong history of innovation and quality, you can rest assured when purchasing a product made from this famous company.

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