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SKU #: JCW-H2976200 Manufacturer #: 76-200 Brand: Hays
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Replacement Flywheel Insert, 11in.

SKU #: JCW-H2976200 Mfr #: 76-200
  • Product Fit: Universal
  • Product Fit: Universal

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ALUMINUM FLYWHEELSHays Aluminum Flywheels, the favorite choice of many road racers, are also popular with the serious drag racer running a light car and large cubic inch motor. Machined from 7075 T–6 forged billet aluminum, this high strength alloy surpasses all material specs as to strength and centrifugal distortion. All Hays Aluminum Flywheels feature a replaceable steel or bronze heat shield friction surface and are drilled to accept either the Borg & Beck or Long–Style clutch pattern. The ring gear is securely mounted with welded tabs that are riveted to the flywheel to prevent spinning. These flywheels are supplied in neutral (internal) balance or Detroit (external) balance and are certified under SPI spec 1.1. STEEL FLYWHEELSHays Steel Flywheels are manufactured from certified billet material that will not break up under the stress of high RPM and severe punishment of racing. Available in weights up to 50 pounds for specialized applications, most Hays Flywheels are drilled with both the Borg & Beck and Long–Style clutch pattern. All flywheels are precision balanced to either neutral (internal) or Detroit (external) specifications and are certified under SFI spec 1.1.

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